About Gateway Macon


We all know that “locals” always know what’s best about their city!  The best activities, things to do, live music, and of course the best restaurants!  If you are looking for a local’s guide to what is really best about Macon Georgia, then you have come to the right place.  We are the go-to resource for what is really hot about Macon.  From Arts & Culture to Things to do in Macon, we will guide you to the top things to do Macon, GA.  Gatewaymacon.org is not just a list of events!  Our dedicated team of local residents (we like to call them “Gatekeepers”) have personally experienced all that Macon attractions have to offer, and will let you know what has the local stamp of approval.  Whether you are visiting for the first time or have lived in Macon for years, our up-to-date information about Macon Museums, Outdoor activities, and more will make Gatewaymacon.org your go-to guide.


Gatewaymacon.org is a locally created initiative designed to highlight the best of Macon, Georgia.  Through collaboration with key organizations, Macon attractions, and institutions, Gatewaymacon.org promotes the creativity, uniqueness, history, and entertainment that Macon offers.