Milledgeville Police Officers Make A Special Stop

A Sick 5-year-old McIntyre Boy's ER Visit Will Be One That He Will Never Forget, Thanks to Milledgeville Police Officers.  

As Gage Aldrich lay in wait in his hospital room, he saw an officer walk past by.  According to the boy's mother, "He loved police officers and was nervous to approach the "Superhero."  Early in the morning of February 22nd, the M'ville Police Department received a call from Peggy Gibson, ER Charge Nurse at Ocmulgee Regional Medical Center stating that they were treating a young man who was not feeling well. The ER staff told the police dispatcher that the young patient had told them he loved police officers so the ER staff wanted to know if the dispatcher could send a officer to meet Gage. Instead of sending just one officer the M'ville Police Deaprtment sent the entire night shift to the hospital to visit Gage. According to Major John Davis of the M'ville Police Department, "Sunday nights, we're generally not that busy, so we had a couple more officers who could go over there," Officers brought Gage gifts and even gave him his own Milledgeville Police Department badge.

Gage, whose temperature was peaking at 104 degrees, was allowed to travel outside to the parking lot to view the police cars.  "I have the flu. I'm 'affected' now, so don't touch me," he told the police.  That didn't keep them away.  "Come here, you can cough into my back seat so the next guy I pick up will get sick," one of the officers told him.  

Although Gage is not fully recovered from the flu, the positive experience changed the young boy's lilfe goals.  

"Nevermind," he told his mother after they got home from the hospital. "I'm not going to be Superman. I'm going to be a cop."


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