Cherry Blossom Night with the Macon Mayhem

Macon's Cherry Blossom Festival is a fantastic time to remind all of us locals about the great things happening in Macon and Middle Georgia.  The Macon Mayhem, Macon's own SPHL ice hockey team, is worth your attention.  They bring this exciting sport to the Macon Centreplex arena, and it's great family fun and you don't have to take out a loan to show the family a good time.  We're not into sports in my home (we're movie people) but even our 10 & 11 year old daughters had a blast watching the Mayhem.

My wife and I had a conversation with a couple who came all the way down from Atlanta.  "We can drive down to Macon, watch a fun hockey match, have a beer, have dinner, and STILL spend less money than we would at a Thrasher's game."  How's that for a testimonial?

Among our crew was a friend who had never been to an ice hockey game.  This exchange was heard as we all sat down:
"So who are we rooting for?"
"The Canadians."
"Which ones?"
"Ours.  We want our Canadians to beat their Canadians."

Checking later, this Gatekeeper was surprised the Macon Mayhem's roster of 19 only includes 6 Canadians.  It also includes a player from Russia and one from Sweden.  That's pretty neat.

It was Cherry Blossom Night, and Jake Ferro, President & CEO of the Cherry Blossom Festival was there representing The Pink.  It was also Public Safety Night, honoring the members of our Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical personnel.  In a tug-of-war on the ice, the Macon-Bibb Fire Department was triumphant.

It was a great night with an enthusiastic crowd!

The Macon Mayhem mascot worked the crowd, keeping everyone pumped up.

The ice was flying!

And a few punches.  By the third period, the players were taking things personally.

Hometown team, winning the Saturday game of the big festival?  Oh yeaaaaaah.

This weekend may be a wrap for the Macon Mayhem's home games for this season (keep an eye out for post-season games!), but it was an exciting time and we're already looking forward to this Fall for their exciting return to the ice!

Check out our full photo gallery here!

posted 05/01/2017 in Events
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