Field Note Stenographers is Growing

Field Note Stenographers is a group of musicians, promoters, business owners and live music fans based in Macon, Georgia interested in how live musical experiences can benefit the community.

Field Note Stenographers are always looking to grow that community by finding other folks like us who are passionate about music and see it as a vital element of an engaged, informed population.

Interested in joining the fun? Good. Here’s a (very) brief rundown of what we do:

We DO cover live music experiences that happen in Macon, artists that happen to be passing through town to play a show (through record reviews,interviews, or show reviews), and artists that have historic connections to the city. We primarily focus on Macon’s developing music scene and explore ways that it connects to a larger discussion about Southern music and trends in a national music scene.

We DON’T cover your uncle’s Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Macon is a place that prides itself on being a the “Song and Soul of the South,” which is a beautiful sentiment, but it can be a crippling one. That’s not to say that the rich musical history should not be celebrated, explored and shared for generations to come. We also can’t – and won’t – cover every show that’s happening. We’re not into blind boosterism.

But we want to cover more. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for writers, photographers, videographers, and folks that just generally want to nerd out about good music.

Have something interesting to share? Tell us a little about yourself. Give us some examples of your work. Odds are, we can find a place to fit you into the website, can help you become more involved in the developing musical community we’re documenting.

You can follow Field Note Stenographers on Facebook or check them out at

posted 05/01/2017 in Music
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