In the Kitchen with Gateway: Chef William Foshee of Kudzu Catering

In THe Kitchen with Gateway

In The Kitchen with Gateway is a series brought to you by the Gatekeepers of Gateway Macon. Every month a Gatekeeper will go behind the scenes of a local restaurant, offering a personal look into the kitchens and minds of some of best local chefs in Middle Georgia. 

IN the kitchen with gateway: Chef William Foshee of Kudzu Catering

After turning my car around from missing the sign that said “The Estate at Stone Creek”, I pulled off the main road to enter into a rustic gated entry. Weary of continuing, I decided to see what lied ahead. As my car slightly rocked side to side on the dirt road, I came up to a small bridge that made me question if I was in the right place. This was a different experience from any behind the kitchen I have experienced before.

Just as I had made up my mind that I was going to turn around, I saw it, a sign of hope. Welcomed by beautiful green land and a picturesque lake, I became relieved to find out that there was light at the end of the pathway. Continuing my drive, I spotted an inviting bridge that preceded a small glimpse of what I consider a hidden gem, a beautiful luxurious cabin-like facility that looked as if it belonged in a modern version of Little House on the Prairie.

As I exited my car I was greeted by the reason I was on the premises, William Foshee, the Executive Chef for Kudzu Catering. After a short tour of the facility, we went to the best part of the tour, the kitchen. While the kitchen on the Estate is equipped for catering, there was a nice honey mustard smoked salmon platter that immediately caught my attention, but William Foshee’s passion for cooking stole the show.

Cooking since the age of 14, William has been in the kitchen most of his life. By his mid-twenties, he knew that he belonged in the kitchen. He had fallen in love with the fast-paced, intense catering life and there was no turning back. Behind that grandiose smile, you will find a very humble chef, ready and willing to learn something new on a daily basis. He speaks a lot about learning through trial and error and feedback from customers.  While he seems to be very proud of his accomplishments, that include two Golden Spoon awards from the Sweetwater Brewing Chili Cook-Off and Best of the Best for catering in 2015 from the Macon Telegraph, William consistently emphasizes his passion to learn more about the industry and discover new taste palates.

When asked how he would describe his style of cooking, one word stood out, “Simple”. Chef Foshee likes to keep things simple and fresh. From his homemade basil vinaigrette to his smoked honey mustard salmon, fresh, seasonal food is his key to success.

As anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen will tell you, if you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen. Well, Chef Foshee has constantly shown that he can stand the heat, literally and figuratively. From having a stove blow-up on him in a mobile kitchen to finding ways to serve hundreds of guests on a tight timeline, William is in his zone as long as he has his Almore knife, non-slip shoes and cast iron skillets.

He describes his kitchen as his arena, when the lights are low before game time, everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Everyone has their delegated tasks and areas to cover. As the clock ticks closer to game time, as any professional, the air gets a little thicker, but not to worry, the head chef has been around the block a couple of times. When the starting buzzer rings, the kitchen gets into full groove and delivers delicious meals with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Just listening to Chef Foshee speak about his love for food, I can tell that this is not his job, but his passion. From finding new food trends, personalizing catering menus, scaling events to helping plan Kudzu’s next business venture, Chef Foshee is the epitome of term “soul” food. Putting his heart and soul into every dish for the ultimate customer experience, Chef Foshee leaves his heart on the field every meal.

Chef Foshee and Kudzu Catering, thanks for letting Gateway in your kitchen!

- Gatekeeper A

posted 05/01/2017 in Dining


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