Macon Named Best Value City

Did you hear the latest news about Macon, Ga? No, not the negative news, we don't cover that here at Gateway Macon. We are talking about Macon, Georgia being named as #1 in the recent US Best Value Cities for 2015 survey

When we first saw this article we were curious to know what "Best Value" city meant and who had bestowed this honor upon our hometown. A little digging discovered the source of this honorable distinction and the criteria used to determine Macon as the number one best value in the entire United States.

The Who

The travel website Trivago posted on this article on their blog page and that blog post was picked up by Trivago is reputable operation and they have a ton of travel data at their fingertips.

The How

The folks at Trivago ran a comparison of thousands of hotel rates for cities  and also compared that data to Trivagos city reputation review ratings. Shake all that up in a database blender and the results say Macon, Georgia. has some of the best rates and some of the highest consumer reviews from  travelers.  That’s really something to brag about!

So, let’s say you have never been to Macon and you come across this article stating Macon is the Best Value for a vacation or weekend getaway, your next BIG question might be "What in the heck is there to do in Macon?" Of course, that is question we at Gateway Macon feel supremely suited to answer. The first thing you may want to know is, are there any good places to eat near my hotel? We would point you to our detailed restaurant listing page that also offers a "preferred" listing section  providing all the info you need to find a good restaurant in Macon. If you want more than just listings with detailed info, then we would recommend you read some of the many restaurant reviews we have published in our restaurant review section.   If that wasn't enough info for you to pick several good restaurant, then you are only one or two clicks away from our TOP 5 Lists which would rank for you not only some great food options, but other interesting TOP 5 lists like the best places for Happy Hour or even some good places to eat that are within a short drive from Macon.

Check dining and drinking off the list! What else might there be to do in this Best Value city? A quick search of the Gateway Macon website will quickly yield our Gatekeeper's Top Picks for Things to Do . Our Top Picks are perfect for newbies to Macon, it is a well thought out list of some of the more interesting, unique and entertaining things going on each week in Macon. 

Wow, this whole trip based on Best Value is really starting to sound like a great idea isn't it? What about festivals, museums and outdoor activities? Check, check and check!

Fast forward to after your Macon getaway- you picked Macon for its cost effective hotels and then you discovered that it is actually a vibrant city with activities and events happening year round. You even took a peak at Gateway Macon's Live Music Calendar while you were here and were so blown away by the wide variety of musical performances happening just about every night of the week that you took in a show and were amazed by the local and regional talent.

Maybe Trivago should consider renaming that list to “Cities with hotel rates that don’t break the bank that also have great places to eat, drink, hear live music, attend festivals and always have interesting things to do!” Doesn't have the same ring to it that Best Value Cities has, but in the case of Macon, Georgia it would be a much more accurate name!



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