Macon Pops ‘Born In Macon’ Concept Continues Momentum

Music is the gateway to the soul. The city of Macon has been churning out talent for over 40 years and the momentum hasn’t died down. One music group has created a ‘Born in Macon’ concept that has been a fan favorite for the past few years. Macon Pops offers a world-class 40 piece band with a nightclub feel.

Founders Steve Moretti and Matt Catingub, talk about their popular music group and what fans can expect at the upcoming concert.  Macon Pops will be performing at Mercer University’s Hawkins Arena this Friday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m. ‘Dancing Through The Decades Part 3’ will feature the captivating experience Macon Pops audiences have come to know and enjoy.

Gateway Macon: What should audiences expect at the upcoming concert?

Matt: ‘Dancing ‘Through The Decades, Part Three,’ is exactly that. Our audiences have grown to know and love this concept of presenting danceable music from the big band era right up to the most current hits. This next concert will present popular music from Duke Ellington all the way through Justin Timberlake, and everything in between.

Gateway Macon: What sets ‘Dancing Through Decades’ apart from other Macon Pops concert?

Matt: It’s a concept that was born in Macon and as we take the show around the country, so many folks are getting a chance to experience what we do in Macon, and what makes it so special. It isn’t necessarily different, but rather it is the show that is the soul of what Macon Pops is all about.

Gateway Macon: The music for Macon Pops is outstanding. Tell us about the music and how it’s selected.

Steve: After deciding upon a theme for a concert Matt will research material based on its relevance to the theme, as well as how well each song can work in an orchestral setting, and of course how appealing it will be for our audience.

Gateway Macon: What’s next for Macon Pops? What can we expect this season?

Steve: As always we will continue to offer an incredible variety of music. This season we will be performing hit songs from TV and movies, the music of Ray Charles, Blood Sweat and Tears, Steely Dan, and Chicago. Next season we’ll continue our growing exploration of musical styles and related artists including Contemporary Country, Latin, and Old School 60’s Rock.

For more information on Macon Pops, visit

Call (478) 301-5470 to purchase your tickets through Mercer Ticket Sales.



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