Gatekeeper 2015 Resolutions

As the New Year is quickly approaching, our gatekeepers are reflecting and planning for 2015.  Make sure to hold us accountable, and share your resolutions with us as well! 

Gatekeeper at Large

  1. Attend at least one Mercer Basketball game in 2015. Being a long time Macon resident and a season ticket holder for Mercer Football you think I would make more of an effort to support Mercer's Basketball team. I resolve to attend at least one game in person this year!
  2. Find another place besides Starbucks that can make a good latte in this city. There has to some place that can make a latte almost as good as Starbucks. Perhaps the new coffee shop opening at College Hill lofts will be the place! I'm still bummed that Josuha's Cup closed, they made the best lattes ever! 
  3. Attend more events at the 567 Center. They always seem to have interesting events, but I always seem to have an excuse of why I can't attend those events... I resolve to go to at least one event per quarter at the 567. The same goes for the Rock Candy Tours, I always intend to take their tour, but somehow I have yet to do so!
  4. Stop hanging out with the Food Editor. I've gained at least 10 pounds going out to lunch and working on restaurant review!
  5. Spend more time coming up with new and interesting content for Gateway Macon. Every since taking on the status of being a Gatekeeper for this great online publication, I have been amazed at how much there is to see and do here in Central Georgia.  Trying to get the word out far and wide about what a great thing we got going around here is something I resolve to do a lot more of in 2015

Music Gatekeeper

  1. Support local musicians such as Flocco Torres and Trey Teem by informing our visitors of their upcoming performances
  2. Write bi-weekly blog posts summarizing performances in Macon
  3. Create awareness for the regional and national acts that travel through Macon
  4. Inform our sophisticated followers of upcoming Classical, Opera, and Jazz performances
  5. Reach out to artists for Gateway exclusive interviews

Food Gatekeeper

  1. Try to make it to the Farmer’s Market more often (Ok, what I really mean is, try to eat more green stuff)
  2. Try something besides #12 at Roly Poly, IVP garlic knots and all the soups at Joe D's (I Got to expand my food horizons)
  3. Find someplace that makes Cronuts. Google it and then hate me for suggesting it.
  4. Try to go meatless for one week. (OH BACON!!! I’m already dreading this one)
  5. Sample every cakery/bakery in town. I’ll be able to tell you which ones are really the best!!

Social Gatekeeper

  1. To attend more new events on the scene like Corner Concerts and the Middle Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival
  2. Share upcoming events well in advance so that our community has plenty of time to plan to attend and support our great local events.
  3. Encourage others to go out and enjoy our great city.
  4. Give more reasons to continue to support our staple events such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and Bragg Jam.
  5. To continue to be one of Macon’s biggest cheerleaders!

Family Gatekeeper

2015 has great promise for Macon and the Middle Georgia area, and my resolution for the year is to get the family out to even more events, festivals, and attractions in Macon.  I’ve already made the whole family members at the Museum Of Arts And Sciences, and that’s just the beginning.  My wife and I will be taking the children to their first hockey game with the Macon Mayhem later in the fall.  Earlier in the year will see the opening of the newly refurbished Amerson River Park.  The biggest news is the summer opening of a new water park at Lake Tobesofkee.  It will include a lazy river, year-round pool, a couple of water slides, and concessions.  Great things are going on in Macon, and 2015 is already shaping up to be fantastic!


1. Try not to let the retired English teachers and grammar Nazis annoy me with comments about proof-reading and minor details about the massive amount of content we publish at Gateway Macon. If we edited every last detail there would be a lot less content to share about our great community and the great things our town has to offer.

2. Try to get more engagement with the music fans in Central Georgia. Our team puts out a lot of info about the local music scene, but it is a disappointing area of the site when compared to other content areas.

3. Try to keep our weekly Gatekeeper meetings to less than 90 minutes. There are so many details to cover at Gateway Macon our weekly meetings last forever!

4. Reach out to more advertisers and sponsors in 2015. We have been primarily focused on building an audience in 2014 and it safe to say that mission has been accomplished. Now it is time to let local businesses know what a great thing we have going on at Gateway Macon.

5. Try not to spend every holiday working. The work we have done on Gateway Macon is very gratifying, but it can be all consuming. Next year there will be less posting on Christmas day!


All of our Gatekeeper's and guest Gatekeepers wish you and yours a very prosperous in New Year and we hope you will keep coming back to our site in 2015. Thank You for helping to make Gateway Macon the most popular online leisure guide in Central Georgia!



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