Neva Langley Fickling's First Television Appearance

Every Sunday night at 10:30 PM, actors, comedians, politicians, writers, singers, athletes, wives of people on the panel, and people in the public eye appeared on the popular game show known as What's My Line with the goal of having fun while getting a little bit of publicity.

What's My Line? was a panel game show which originally ran in the United States on the CBS Television Network from 1950 to 1967, that tasked celebrity panelists with questioning a contestant in order to determine his or her occupation, i.e., "line [of work]," with panelists occasionally being called on to identify a celebrity "mystery guest" with specificity. It was the longest-running U.S. primetime network television game-show.

The program began with moderator John Daly and panel entering from off-stage as they were introduced.  To begin a round, Daly would invite the contestant to "come in and sign in, please," and the contestant entered by writing his or her name on a small sign-in board. Daly would then usually ask where the guest lived and, with a woman, if she should be addressed as "Miss" or "Mrs." Early in the show's run, the panel was allowed to inspect contestants, studying their hands, or label on their suit or asking them to make a muscle. 

Celebrities from Ronald Regan to John Wayne and Lauren Becall to Barbara Streisand appeared on the long running game show until it was canceled in 1967.  But in 1953, the panel was taken aback by the beautiful and talented Miss. America, Neva Jane Langley. 

 See Ms. Langley's first television appearance as Miss America was on What's My Line (September 14, 1952) as the mystery guest by clicking the video below.


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