UPDATE on the 5th Wave movie filming in dowtown Macon Ga

The filming of the movie The 5th Wave in downtown Macon is wrapped for now. Over the next 2 days the crew will be cleaning up Cotton Ave and surrounding areas that were used in the filming. It seems the explosion of a bus on Cotton ave was intense than expected and it blow out several windows from near by buildings. Once again we have to thank the owner of the Golden Bough bookstore who has kept us informed of the movie making process from his store located in the epicenter of the movie set. We highly recommend going by The Golden Bough to buy some books and thank the owner for helping Macon star in this major motion picture! You may have to wait to visit the store until repairs from bomb damage have been completed and downtown Macon is converted from post apocalyptic waste land into a thriving southern city.

The Golden Bough 
371 Cotton Ave
Macon, Georgia
(478) 744-2446

dowtown macon explosion

dowtown macon on fire

Just Posted: Photos of the CLOSED set of the 5th Wave movie production!

Below our some updates on all the activities that will be happening as part of the 5th Wave film production downtown over the next several days. You can expect to hear gun fire and explosions downtown as well as see of pyrotechnics and other odd and bizarre things going on downtown!

Thanks to Doughboy Pizza for keeping us all posted on the production of The 5th Wave. Get downtown and enjoy some great pizza while the alien invasion takes place all around you this weekend! 

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The Golden Bough Book Store

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