Get Sauced With These Central Georgia Bottled BBQ Sauces

BBQ wouldn’t be complete without the pit, a practice that’s not just common in the south but across the country.  And every region has evolved their own unique barbecue and sauce styles with their fascinating flavors and history; there's the vinegary kind, mustard based, the Kansas-city style, and BBQ sauce that has lots of tomato.  Some people go as far to say that Georgia is sort of a melting pot of BBQ sauces. Seeing that our state is sandwiched between Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida, we sort of like all kinds of BBQ sauce down here.

There are dozens of variations of BBQ sauce throughout central Georgia and these local brands are offering some of the best bottled barbecue sauces in the region that are perfect for meat, veggies, marinades and beyond.

Pig 'N Whistle BBQ Sauce

Today with so much interest in nostalgic flare and to meet the demand for their products, the Pig 'n Whistle decided to offer the Original Pig’n Whistle BBQ Sauce and just recently released their Sweet BBQ Sauce.  You can pick up either flavor sauce at Publix grocery stores or online.

Since 1935, Fincher's has served delicious southern barbecue that is "literally out of the world."  With BBQ that good, they couldn't help not to bottle up such greatness.  You can pick up a bottle of Fincher's BBQ sauce at any one of their four locations in Macon and Warner Robins.  Don't live close by?  Don't worry, Fincher's ships the BBQ sauce as well as their BBQ worldwide.

The Grillmaster of Perry

With their pork smoked the old-fashioned way with vinegar based barbecue made with the best ingredients, The Grillmaster of Perry has been keeping the folks of Houston County satisfied with every seasoning. Pick up a bottle of their sauce to complete your arsenal of BBQ sauces at their Perry Location.


Satterfield’s has been serving up some of the best southern cooking and BBQ in Georgia for almost 34 years.  To accompany their fresh meats that are smoked over a hickory wood fire, Satterfield's keeps it simple with just two bottled versions of their vinegar based BBQ sauce; mild and hot.  Whether you like it hot or mild, enjoy the best of both worlds with Satterfield's BBQ sauce that is available for purchase at the New Street location.

Fresh Air Barbeque

Known nationwide for their slow cooking methods and consistency of quality, Fresh Air Barbecue has been serving some of the Southeast's finest barbecued pork from their Jackson and Macon locations.  Their award-winning bar-b-q sauce is a tangy tomato and vinegar style known around the country and can be purchased at their Macon or Jackson Locations or shipped directly to you.  

Mrs. Griffin's Barbeque Sauce

Curated in his very own home kitchen right here in Macon,  M.E. Griffin developed his very own small batch barbecue sauce that was enjoyed annually at family Fourth of July celebrations.  On the suggestion of his brother, Griffin bottled up 12 jars of his mustard-based barbecue sauce and then carried it over to the grocer only to have all 12 bottles to sell out before he arrived back home.  In 1935, Griffin, along with his family, turned his well loved sauce into a business named in honor of his wife, Etta Busbee Griffin.  M.E. Griffin retired from the barbeque sauce business in 1965 and the company, now owned by Roland Neel, continues to run “in the tradition set by Griffin 75 years ago."  Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce is sold online and in all major grocery stores, including Kroger, Publix, Sam’s, Walmart, Piggly Wiggly, and Food Lion and can be found nationwide as a private label.


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