Something Ghostly is Brewing at a Local Downtown Macon Business

The Middle Georgia Paranormal team has been called to investigate many areas all over the haunted South, but they are always excited and sentimental when they are called into downtown Macon. The streets of downtown Macon are overflowing with historical value, which is often hauntingly apparent within many of the beautiful buildings.

This time, MGPI was called to look into a local business located on Second Street, which had only been opened for about six months.  The Ocmulgee Brewpub opened in the beginning of 2017 and a few occurrences had the owners "scratching their heads"  and curious if they were sharing the space with a few spirits. Ocmulgee Brewpub is owned and operated by the remarkable Kressin Family; Jeff, Beth, Nate, and Kaitlynn. The owners were very curious about the historical and paranormal guest(s) that may be sharing their space. No one in the building was scared or had terrifying experiences, but the MGPI team's task within the business was a simple exploration of paranormal discovery.

Ocmulgee Brewpub is nestled on Second Street and offers a new modern take on a historical building, while still capturing the historical appreciation for downtown Macon and the structure itself. In 1880, the building was occupied by Collins Manufacturing who used the 2nd and 3rd stories as a carriage repository and the main floor as a wholesale grocery. Over the decades, many different businesses moved in and out of the unique structure including S.S Parmelle Co., A.S Hatcher Co., Williams Guttenburg Music Co., and Sunlite Electrik Bake Shop, before finally passing hands to the current owners of the Ocmulgee Brewpub.

Every member of the MGPI team was thrilled to be back in downtown Macon, working the same streets which the concept of our paranormal team was born.

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations cast their proverbial paranormal equipment "net" and covered the building with cameras, recorders, and various other devices which would ensure the capture of anything paranormal that would happen while investigated. Not long after the investigation began, one investigator and another member were in the basement when a loud crash was heard with footsteps directly above them in the main dining room. Investigators knew with 100% certainty no one was on this main floor, but for the reason of due diligence, they rushed upstairs to make sure. Not to their surprise, there was no one located on the main floor and things seemed eerily quiet. This game of "cat and mouse" continued for most of the night on every floor of the building. Sounds of some sort of crash or movement, with no logical explanation. Some members of the team did have the opportunity to hear a couple of faint disembodied male spirit voices on the 3rd floor, which thoroughly made their nights.

MGPI concluded the investigation with the same appreciation they've always had for downtown Macon, privileged and humbled by the spirit interaction which was received. They could not make any historical connections about who these male and female spirits could be, but their information is often limited by public record keeping and what a spirit decides would be conversant for us know. The evidence rendered by this investigation was astounding when paired with the personal experiences many of us had. All of the owners seemed excited and proud of the investigative findings they were presented.

The owners and staff have chosen to embrace the paranormal occurrences in this building and have began to offer a new brew of beer dedicated to the historical inhabitants of the building. Gosëbuster is a well crafted blend of sour taste and a little kettle funk. The tart and fruity taste is more than refreshing and is a direct tribute to the spirits of the Ocmulgee Brewpub.

If you are in downtown Macon, be sure to check out the Ocmulgee Brewpub. The burgers and fries are fresh, handcrafted, and mouthwatering. Rinse your food down with the refreshing brewmaster's blend of Gosëbuster, to pay tribute to the spirits of the building. Keep in mind though and pay attention, the spirits of the Ocmulgee Brewpub will be watching and you never know when you might meet one for yourself.

Play the video below and experience Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations's findings from Ocmulgee Brewpub for yourself. 

Learn more about the work of Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations by visiting their website HERE



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