Ron White is red hot on a cold Friday Night in Macon

As soon as Ron White's most recent performance date was announced the staff at Gateway Macon was immediately notified and took action quickly to secure an awesome promotional package for our followers. As always, the public relations coordinator and the marketing team at the Macon Centreplex were more than happy to work with us to make sure we had everything we needed to get the word out about this must attend comedy event.  Not only did they provide two nearly front row seats for our Gateway Giveaway contest, they also helped to coordinate hotel accommodations and dinner for two at the Marriott Vintage restaurant for the lucky giveaway winner. Of course they were so pleased with the tremendous engagement that promotions with Gateway Macon has generated for past events they graciously provided two additional tickets for our Gatekeepers. Yep, I was the lucky winner of the Gatekeeper's editorial staff!

After waiting almost two month's for the concert date to arrive, I did absolutely no planning for this event. It was happening in downtown in Macon, how hard could it be to pull that off?!?  It wasn't until Wednesday I was able to talk a particularly beautiful young lady into accompanying me to the show. Had it not been for the fact she was a true Ron White fanatic, I most likely would have ended up taking my Mother to this show since she “loves her some tater-salad”. As expected my date was running late and had this show been anywhere other than downtown Macon that might have set the evening off to a stressful start. Well-armed with the knowledge that only comes to an associate editor of the premier online "local's leisure guide", I was supremely confident my beautiful, but tardy, date would never know I intended to wing the entire evening. The inclement weather did not dampen my confidence, with only one hour to showtime I would be able to find a choice parking space, a good place for a quick dinner and possibly slam down a few quick cocktails all in time to find our seats without the assistance of an usher or a flashlight. 

Perfect timing was on my side when just as I pulled onto Cherry Street and barely passed the Rookery a parking space miraculously appeared before me. Talk about choice location, it was within a quick walk to reach at least 4 good places to eat and less than half a cigarette away from the City Auditorium.  As my date and I walked up to the Rookery I knew there was zero chance to get in and out of there in less than an hour. The place was doubly packed for a Friday night no doubt because Ron was in town. Heck, they even had a special burger on the menu named after Ron White. I had to quickly cross that choice off the list and my plan "B" choice the Dovetail was more than likely equally as slammed. Of course, the original plan was to arrive at the Tic Toc Room by 6:30 PM and be done in time to drive over the Auditorium to avoid the cold and wet weather. My date took that option out of play early by being late, but in my book, beauty always trumps timeliness. So, I was digging deep into my intimate knowledge of downtown eateries and made a beeline for Market City Cafe. As we crossed the street and I was able to peer into the spacious windows of the Cafe my heart sank a little when a quick observation revealed yet another packed restaurant on Cherry Street. Great for the city of Macon to have such a vibrant Friday night full of activity, but bad for my facade of having all the details covered for a night on the town with my date. 

I recovered quickly and remembered that Doughboy Pizza was right next store. As we approached the front door I had a slight sigh of relief noticing, while crowed, the Doughboy looked doable in under one hour. Without missing  a beat, I informed my date that I thought pizza and cold beer would be an ideal pre-show preparation for Ron White and it just so happened that this place was newly updated and served one of the TOP 5 best slices of pizza in Macon. Once again, luck was on my side as we found a cozy table for two near the warm pizza ovens and we were quickly greeted by a friendly server. I did not let on to the fact this was my first visit to the new location and after glancing at the menu for 30 seconds decided on the time appropriate items for our meal. Before the menus left the table two cold beers appeared. Exactly 43 minutes later I was paying the tab, thanking the waitress for a great meal (review coming later) and complimenting my date on her ability to knock back a second beer with only 17 minutes left before Ron took the stage.

As we ascended the step of the Auditorium at 7:58 pm, I was supremely satisfied with myself for pulling off a great 60 minute parking, dining and drinking Friday night fire drill with no planning what-so-ever. A feat only possible if you are a local in downtown Macon. As we walked to our seats I was immediately impressed by the packed house that had assembled to see Ron White. This kind of attendance to a comedy show will  let other top shelf entertainers know that Macon is a great place to perform. The vibe in the auditorium was one of excitement as the house lights dimmed and an enthusiastic cheer went out from the crowded house. I was pleasantly surprised when the show announcer proceeded to introduce Alex Reymundo as the opening comedy act for Ron. I probably should have known Ron's longtime drinking buddy was going to open the show. Once again my lack of pre-planning made a for another pleasant added bonus to the evening when the "Red-Nexican" took the stage. Alex's routine was very funny indeed and he quickly had the audience laughing out loud at his Hispanic meets good ol' Boy stories. He told a pretty funny story of how he and Ron had meet some visitors to Macon attending a hair stylist convention and how they freaked out when they met Ron White in person. 

By the time the headliner took the stage the full house was warmed up and feeling the love for an original member of the entourage of comedians Jeff Foxworthy led to fame and fortune. True to his colors, Ron White gave a very heartfelt thank you to Jeff and praised his comedic genius along with his generosity towards his friends. Ron also told the audience he has recently landed a role in the new Cameron Crowe bio-pic movie currently in production in Vancouver, BC. It seems Ron has been cast as a Band Manager in this new film. Because of the heavy filming schedule it was suggested Ron cancel his Macon, Georgia show. Ron said he was aghast (he might have used more colorful language to describe his feelings) at the idea of cancelling a show so close to his hometown of Atlanta. He went on to tell his faithful Macon followers that he took a cross country red-eye flight the night before in order to not disappoint his local fans.

I did notice Ron looked a little less fresh then he did on his last cable TV special, but a red -eye flight with lots of cigars and whisky can account for a few new wrinkles on the best of us. Bottom line, Ron White is a real stand-up (pun intended) guy for not bailing on little ole' Macon Georgia just because he has a role in a major motion picture. YOU ROCK RON. The rest of Ron's material was a blend of previously released material artfully interwoven with some new stuff and of course some local references to his stay in Macon. I thoroughly enjoyed his material regarding the new love of his life and his tales of hanging out on yachts with Dr. Phil.  

Overall, Ron White rocked the house in Macon, Georgia and he delivered to his fans a solid 90 minutes of side splitting comedy and fun. There was only one instance of an overzealous fan interrupting his routine and Ron quickly showed his displeasure when a jerk tries to steal his spotlight. By and large the audience was enthusiastic and seemed to love every minute of both comedians’ performances that night.

Upon leaving the show my date and I headed straight to Just Tap'd which is conveniently located across the street from the Auditorium. Besides the cold beer and live music the need for a fast restroom break (Only a local would know they now have TWO bathrooms) was a paramount need. After a few more cold beers that put a wrap on a great night out in downtown Macon, my date informed me she appreciated all the planning and effort I put into making it a wonderful Friday night. Note to the Centreplex PR team, my date mentioned she also really likes Bill Maher, so any help with that one would be welcomed.

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