Local Group Organizing Efforts For Hurricane Harvey

Middle Georgia Hurricane Harvey Relief

A local group has organized themselves as Middle Georgia Hurricane Harvey Relief  "to help organize efforts to provide much needed supplies to affected areas of hurricane Harvey."  As of 11:15 EST today they are working to establish drop off points around the Middle Georgia area.  A truck carrying volunteers and supplies will be leaving Macon tonight according to a post on their Facebook page.

"First truck of volunteers are heading west this afternoon! We are taking a box truck to take supplies into the affected areas this truck will be leaving around 6 if anyone has supplies to send now! If you do please reach out to me!"

This afternoon, one established drop off point is located at The Crazy Bull in downtown Macon.  The Crazy Bull is asking for your help in this relief effort and will be collecting needed supplies to help those affected by Hurrican Harvey. They ask that you please bring "Bottled Water, Bottled Juice, Canned Food, Dry Pet Food, Paper Products, Toiletries etc. to 473 Second Street Tuesday, August 29th - Saturday, September 2nd from 5:00 - 9:00 pm. Someone will be out front to come collect your donations.

To find out more about the Middle Georgia Hurricane Harvey Relief's efforts or how you can help, visit them on Facebook


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