Greg Allman's "Laid Back" Making A Second Round

Gregg Allman Solo Tour with Tommy Talton (far right) and members of Cowboy 

Layin it Back Live One More Time - Gregg Allman’s “Laid Back” Making a Second Round
Maureen Thornton

Who says good things only come around once? Certainly, not fans of Gregg Allman and his musical legacy.

Allman released his first solo album, “Laid Back” in October of 1973 to high critical reviews. On November 18, 2017, forty four years later, members of Allman’s backup band, Cowboy, and engineers involved in the original album and tour will be re-creating music from “Laid Back” live at Macon’s Cox Capitol Theatre.

Talton (center) with part of lineup for Layin’ it Back Live / Sherri White

Tommy Talton and Bill Stewart, original members of Cowboy, will be joined by special musical guests to perform 11 tunes from the “Laid Back” album and a few songs from several of Allman’s later solo releases.  Sound engineers, Buddy Thornton and Ovie Sparks, recorded and mixed the original album and tour have been lined up to do the sound at the Cox Theatre concert.

The “Laid Back” studio album was recorded at Macon’s Capricorn Studios in 1973 and was followed by a live album, recorded from performances at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey.  The folks at the Cox Theatre approached Talton about performing the music from “Laid Back” as a musical tribute to Allman.  Talton was happy to comply. He said, “The loss of Gregg Allman’s soulful voice is certainly a difficult hit to take. The world lost a true artist and I lost an old friend who I shared many fine musical and personal moments with. We will be celebrating the spirit of the fine music he left behind and would like to share this evening with all who have listened for so long with deep appreciation.  The road goes on forever!” 

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