Lost Macon Flour Sac Towels

As new restaurants emerge in Macon, the blue collar past of the mom and pop restaurant lingers.  Their memory and familiarity of Macon’s lost restaurants are what gives them their charm you’ve come to remember. Beloved luncheonettes, fish houses, neighborhood grocers and sophisticated dining rooms—Macon has seen the best of them all come and go. 

And for over 30 years, a simple acronym appearing on a billboard between June 1st and July 1st, served as a signal of summertime in Central Georgia.  What is H.M.F.P.I.C. you ask?  Well, its just homemade fresh peach ice cream.  This delicious treat served at Len Berg's Post Office Alley location came about when visitors would inquire as to where to find fresh local peaches.  Because most local farms shipped their peaches out for retail and commercial sales, Len Berg's came up with the idea of H.M.F.P.I.C. to meet demand.

While some restaurants come and go, others are dearly missed and never forgotten; Len Berg's being no exception.  Just because Len Berg's closed its doors many years ago, doesn't mean you have to go without this delectable treat.  Yes, that's right - Len Berg's H.M.F.P.I.C. is still served at Sid's Sandwich shop on Forsyth Street.  If you can't get your hands on a bowl of that famous ice cream, take a nostalgic trip back in time with this Limited Edition Flour Sac Towel with the cryptic advertising acronym H.M.F.P.I.C. that everyone looked forward to on June 1st.

This Limited Edition collection that depict several never-before-reproduced images from some of Macon’s most iconic restaurants and businesses.  If you hold Macon, Georgia, near to your heart then you will remember these long-lived institutions that connect us to a more simpler and optimistic era.   From Len Berg's to La Vista, personalize your kitchen with some of those long-lived institutions that you remember with these nostalgia-worthy Lost Macon Flour Sac Towels.  

Made from 100% lightweight cotton, these Flour Sac Towels are designed to mimic the functionality of vintage grain bags that were used for decades as all-purpose, durable kitchen towels.  With unique and retro artwork, each towel is created from a deluxe flour sack that provides extreme versatility.  These flour sac towels are perfect for display in your home or kitchen and can be used for your general all- purpose towels for the kitchen and throughout the home.These towels are lint-free and are excellent for effectively drying glassware, barware and dinnerware.  Towels are $19.99 and are now available online.  

Give the gift of nostalgia with our Lost Macon Flour Sac Towels!  Get free shipping from now until June 1st!

Get your Limited Edition Lost Macon Flour Sac Towels now before they're gone.  Quantities are limited so click HERE to order yours today!  These towels are also available for purchase at Carol's Linens on Forsyth Road while supplies last.


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