Saturday night in Macon and the Devil came to Georgia

I was impressed when I heard Bill Maher was coming to Macon, Georgia. I was just wrapping up a great evening of LMAO at the Ron White show when I heard the news that the next national comedian coming to town courtesy of the fine promotions team at the Macon Centreplex was Bill Maher.  I’m not a big fan of political comedy. In fact, I avoid political discourse of any kind. Right wing, Left Wing, Blue State, Red State, it makes no difference to me. I would much rather talk about food, music and fine dining then listen to a diatribe about the good and evil aspects of the Republican or Democratic party.

Being an editor for an online leisure guide does require a tolerance for varying tastes in entertainment. While I would not travel to Atlanta to see Bill Maher in person, if he was going to make the effort to come to my hometown then I was going to make an effort to get off the couch, drive 10 minutes to get downtown and watch his show. Ok, getting free tickets helped seal the deal.

Just two weeks earlier I had a fantastic evening in downtown Macon attending the Ron White show ( you can read all about that here). I was determined to make Saturday night with Bill Maher equally as enjoyable. It helped tremendously that the beautiful young lady that agreed to see Ron with me agreed to attend the Maher show as well. The weather for this show was a marked improvement over the cold rainy conditions that greeted us two weeks ago. My plan was to be at the Tic Toc Room by 6:30 PM for dinner and cocktails. Of course, my girlfriend’s (Yep, upgraded her from my date in just two weeks) hair was on a different schedule. After at least a dozen compliments on how good her hair looked we were off to dinner only 10 minutes behind schedule.

I knew this Saturday night was going to be particularly busy based on the number of activities taking place downtown (See the TOP Pick list for details). A quick swing past the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame set the parking theme of “Good Luck with that’ for the chances of finding a space close to The Tic Toc Room. After settling on a space that was close enough considering the beautiful weather we were at the restaurant just in time to grab the last two seats at the bar.

The Tic Toc Room was packed with patrons getting ready to attend either the Bill Maher show or the Macon Civic Club show which both started at 8:00 PM. The bartender, Paula, was a blur of mixology in motion as we took our bar seats. After taking our drink order Paula confirmed my estimate of about 30 minutes for appetizers to appear.

We decided on the fried lobster tacos and the hummus plate. We were fortunate enough to share the bar with two of Macon’s most accomplished designers and book cover illustrators, Burt & Burt. Being busy small business owners and new parents they were unaware that Bill Maher was in town. Of course, I took that opportunity to extol the virtues of the Gateway Macon website as the place to go in the future to keep up with all that is going on in Macon, Ga.

At 7:40 PM we were well plied with cocktails and delicious appetizers and heading out the door to the Auditorium. The parking challenge was quickly over come when we were beckoned by the lights of St Joseph Catholic Church. A well lit parking lot with a beautiful view of the cathedral was a perfect place for safe parking.

As we took a leisurely stroll to the show, still having a 5 minute cushion before show time, we were amused at the vast difference in audience composition from Ron White fans to Bill Maher followers. Had I closed my eyes and forgot I was at the exact same venue just two weeks earlier I would have sworn I was in a completely different city altogether. It was an affirmation of how diverse, unique and interesting a city Macon, Georgia can be on any given Saturday night.

The Auditorium was a packed house as Bill Maker took the stage. His first comment about coming all the way down in the Deep South heaven of Macon, Georgia was, “The devil has come to Georgia”.  That comment got a big laugh from the local fans. The first 30 minutes of Maher’s standup routine was pretty much all political humor. I was lost at most of the people referenced and ridiculed of the Republican Party, but the crowd cheered with glee at every reference to Fox News, Sara Palin and numerous others. The couple that sat in front of us felt obligated to laugh, applaud  and hoot at every single word spoken as if to prove there complete political affiliation with Mr. Maher. They were at times more entertain than the comedian on stage. As the topic changed to religion and other subjects less politically motivated I did have a few LOL moments and overall I thought Mr. Maher did a fine job entertaining the audience. He had a good sense of timing to his material and knew when a topic had been milked for the last laugh.

After the show it was great to see all the attendees filing out of the Auditorium to the many destinations downtown suited for putting a night cap on a wonderful Saturday night. My girlfriend and I once again chose Just Tap’d for the restroom proximity and all that cold beer. Leaving downtown for the night I had a smile on my face knowing that I live in a city that is rich in culture and history along with a vibrant night life scene that brings diverse national talent to the stage on a regular basis. 

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