Macon hosts The Triple Crown of Comedy

Macon has just experienced the Triple Crown of Comedy with three national comedians visiting our fair city over the past 30 days! First off, a fist bump is due to the team at Macon Centreplex for promoting the excellent venues and diverse audience Macon has to offer to the entertainment industry promoters and those responsible for booking acts into this town. Three nationally recognized comedy acts is more than most cities our size can handle in a full year, much less in just a thirty day period. The fact that all three of these national headliners were received by a full house of Central Georgia fans is no doubt being considered by concert promoters far and wide. So, Thank You Macon Centreplex for doing an awesome job of putting us on the entertainment map!

Macon's Triple Crown of Comedy 

The Triple Crown was kicked off by Ron White on January 23rd, at the Macon City Auditorium and you can read all about that performance here. Its not too big a stretch of the imagination to think that Ron White would draw a full house in Macon. He is a resident of Atlanta and his Redneck Comedy Tour fellow comedians always book well in the South. Next up for Macon comedy fans was Bill Maher at the Macon City Auditorium on February 7th. Maher was a surprise pick to perform in the heart of a firmly Red State, but another completely different set of fans came out to fill the house for that awesome show. Here is our Gatekeeper’s review of Bill Maher’s Macon show

Which brings us to the third act of this comedy triple crown, The Real Deal Tour staring Mike Epps.

 Once again, Macon and Middle Georgian’s showed in force to fill a much larger venue this time. The Coliseum Arena is no easy house to fill, but talent of a national performer like Mike Epps and the comedy crew he brought with him proved to the right combination of coolness on a Sunday night to have the house rocking.  While the previous shows had a downtown Macon vibe the Mike Epps show was more of a regional event bringing in fans from across the mid-state. Attending this show required a slight different approach. The options to arrive downtown late and still find food and parking quickly were off the table for this show. For Ron White it was Pizza and Beer at Doughboy Pizza, for Bill Maher it was fancy appetizers and cocktails at Tick Toc Room and for Mike Epps we decided on Chicken Wings and Beer (with a couple of shots) at Bearfoot Tavern.

Downtown Macon was more alive than the usual Sunday night with Mike Epps fans. It was good to see downtown so active on a Sunday since most of time the streets are empty at the end of the weekend. We gave ourselves a full 45 minutes to get from downtown over to the Coliseum since past experience with traffic into the Coliseum has always proven to be challenging. Sure enough, the traffic sucked trying to get into the parking lot. With only one police offer directing traffic it was a long wait to pay that $10 parking fee. In the future, we recommend for shows of this size more consideration be given to spending more money on traffic support getting into the Coliseum parking lot.

Bruce, Bruce with his Fans at the Real Deal show

We arrived to our seats promptly at 8PM, but unfortunately this show was running late. Which means, the crowd was still fighting traffic and trickling into the venue at the announced start time. No worries, we had also anticipated this (hence the reason for the shots with those beers) late start time. By the time the first comedian took the stage the house was looking packed. The comedy lineup on the Real Deal tour goes deep with talent. There were three warm up acts prior to the headliner taking the stage. By far, the local fan favorite was Bruce, Bruce. Hailing from Atlanta and being the most familiar to the audience that night Bruce, Bruce got the biggest audience response. To my funny bone, I thought Bruce as actually funnier than Mike Epps, but Bruce is a long way away from filling the Coliseum on his own merits. Mike Epps did not take the stage till almost 10pm, but when he did appear the crowd loved his material. I found his material a good mix of stuff I have heard before and new jokes that seemed tailored to his middle Georgia audience. It was a real treat getting to see this much talent on one stage and you can bet after Mike Epps new film on the Life of Richard Prior hits theatres his stand out routine will be in even bigger demand for future shows. You Go Mike!

Exiting the Coliseum was not much easier then entering, but at least we were in a good mood after almost three hours of live comedy. Since it was somewhat later than we anticipated and this being a Sunday night, we knew our choices for post-show dining would be limited. A quick look at the Gateway Macon website gave us the perfect post Mike Epps Top 5 list for some food… The Top 5 Best Waffle House in Macon! Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else attending the show that night had the same Top 5 list in hand after the show. After the third Waffle House on the Top 5 list turned out to be packed we had to deviate from our plan and settled for Krystal’s for our after concert snack

Bottom Line. We could not be more impressed with this Triple Crown of Comedy experience made possible in part by the team at the Macon Centreplex. These three comedy shows gave a great look at the cross section of fans here in Central Georgia that will come out in the cold, the rain and on a Sunday night to pack a house featuring nationally known talent. Of the three shows it would be hard to pick a favorite because they all had such a uniquely different vibe, audience and overall fan experience. If anything, the last 30 days have shown us all at Gateway Macon that there is plenty of room for more comedy acts in Macon. There is always good dining, drinks and pre-show fun to be had in Macon and the venue selection in Macon has plenty to offer concert goers of any age.



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