Help Name the Macon Bacon Man

There have been some famous mascots. The Phillie Fanatic, Benny the Bull, Mr. Met and the most famous of all, the Famous Chicken.

Now, it is time for Macon’s own to be named and the folks at Macon Bacon will be unveiling the Macon Bacon’s sizzling new mascot in the coming weeks.  But, their mascot needs a name.
The Macon Bacon is asking you for your suggestion on a name for their new mascot.  If your mascot name is chosen, you’ll win a mascot appearance at a location of your pickings.  This location could be at your office, a school, a birthday party, or even your house.

Only one entry per person, so make it your best suggestion!

Have a name in mind for the new mascot?  Let the folks at Macon Bacon know and submit it HERE

For more information about the Macon Bacon Baseball team, ticket pricing and packages check them out online or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

posted 01/16/2018 in Community


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