Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live at the Macon City Auditorium


The entire day of the show I was pumped beyond words knowing that I was going to see one of the world’s most preeminent blues bands play a show right in my own backyard! Coming from a town the size of Orlando, a lot of Maconites don’t realize how lucky we are when national acts play in our area – in an intimate setting with incredible acoustics no less! The packed crowd at the Macon City Auditorium greeted the Tedeschi Trucks Band warmly, and they reciprocated by delivering one of the most significant musical performances this town has seen in a long time.

To start things off, the Spirit Family Reunion band opened the show with its frenetic brand of gospel-folk and was comprised of upright bass, dobro-guitar / washboard / tambourine, banjo, and drums. Hailing from New York, these roots-rocking minstrels played a blend of originals and all-but-forgotten traditional folk tunes. Their raucous, emotionally-charged set whipped the still-filing-in-crowd into a folk-frenzy, increasing the crowd’s anticipation for the featured entertainers.

The Macon City Auditorium was very accommodating as it bustled with the activity of folks finding their seats, getting drinks, and braving the bathroom line. With its rounded ceiling, one concert companion remarked that the whole scene was reminiscent of the interior of an ant hill!

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live at Macon City Auditorium - February 27, 2015 - Gateway Macon

Photo Complements of Matthew Beurkens

The Tedeschi Trucks Band started out strong with their blues-rock number “Made Up Mind”, and proceeded to dazzle the audience with their meteoric virtuosity for the entirety of the evening. The house was packed as TTB got settled into their set. They played the perfect blend of soul, blues, folk, funk and gospel and were accompanied by an all-star 11-piece band, and a different and equally spectacular lighting arrangement for each song. Susan Tedeschi's voice rang pure and true, and Derek Trucks' tone has never sounded better while the accompanying band played spot-on all night long.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live at Macon City Auditorium - February 27, 2015 - Gateway Macon

Photo Complements of Matthew Beurkens

The group morphed into various ensembles throughout the evening, with some members leaving the stage for paired down versions of country blues and work songs. During this time, various members of the backing band were showcased and had their moment to shine. Most notable of the backing group, was the singer of the Derek Trucks Band from 2004-2010, Mike Mattison, who sang wonderfully with his incredible operatic style and smooth vocal delivery.

Spanning genres with grace and fluidity - from hard rock to country blues, to funk and free jazz - the Tedeschi / Trucks band played with tremendous passion and energy, and never faltered throughout their entire set.

The best however, was saved for last as the band was joined by fellow Allman Brother Alumni, Jimmy Herring.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live at Macon City Auditorium - February 27, 2015 - Gateway Macon

Photo Complements of Matthew Beurkens

A guitar-virtuoso whose playing has been in demand since the late 1980s, Jimmy Herring elevated the performance especially when the band tore into an unforgettable version of the Allman Brothers classic "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed". Trucks and Herring traded solos via call-and-response, bouncing ideas and motifs back and forth freely like they'd done as members of the Allman Brothers Band. It was the perfect ending to the performance as TTB and guests paid homage to the legendary Macon rockers.

All in all, this highly anticipated (and long overdue) performance by the Tedeschi Trucks Band will be relived in the minds of all participants for years to come. And let's just hope they come back to play for the appreciative fans of Macon, GA again real soon..

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