2015 Monster Jam at Macon Centreplex

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Monster Jam 2015!

Monster Jam was in town this weekend and I have been ready for two months to see this show. My family and I went a little early so we can see the trucks up close at the Pit Pass Party. I knew immediately that this was some serious business. There must have been 50 men, women and children in line to meet and greet  with the drive of Grave Digger, the most well known Monster Truck.

There are 100 trucks in the Monster Jam Circuit. We were lucky to see 7 of them. Barbarian, Grave Digger, Ice Cream Man, Mega-Bite, Razin Kane, Carolina Crusher, and Xtermigator. Apparently, Friday night saw some action as the truck "Spike" had engine trouble and was sidelined because of engine trouble for the entire weekend.

We found our seats in the stands and waited for the show to start. I was thrilled as I have never been to a Monster Truck Show before. My husband being raised with 4 brothers has been numerous times. We had our headphones and ready for this party to get started! Oh boy did it. The trucks started coming out and racing around the track and who ever got the best time won. I wasn't really keeping score for anything, I just wanted to see them crush cars and do doughnuts. Which they did!

In the middle of all of the obstacles, we have team read and team blue vying for the best time on four wheelers. While maneuvering around the track.This kind of broke up the engine fumes and burnt tire smell. During one of those intermissions, we did see Mega-Bite had a flat tire. You don't realize how big these tires are until you're up close or you see one go flat. Luckily, it bought it's self some time on the course.

So far we have seen the trucks run around the course and smash come old cars, during this intermission we saw a box of explosives out into the middle of the Centreplex. I was kind of confused, then it became clear that some guy was literally going to crawl into that box and be inside while it exploded. He lived.. Thank the lord. I wasn't expecting that. If that's not enough of a thrill, he comes "CannonLady"... Yes.. Cannon...LADY! Cannonlady got inside this huge cannon on a truck and I saw the net being set up to catch her, honestly it didn't look too sturdy. But she popped out of that cannon in one piece and landed perfectly in that net. Talk about a rush!

Then the best part of the show.. .DONUT TIME! This isn't where they serve Krispy Kreme's(Not a terrible idea) this is where all the Monster Trucks donuts in their big tucks to see who does them better. Probably my favorite part of the show, we were directly in front of it and it was glorious! The show ended with all the trucks doing a freestyle competition. All in all it was a fabulous show! If you haven't been, you should!

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