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With the upcoming closing of the Mid-town Kroger, there will be a large void left that will need to be filled for Macon's grocery customers.  And according to an analysis by Zillow, the local grocery market has a lot to do with what happens in the local housing market.  Wouldn't now be a good time to invite Trader Joe's to Macon, Georgia?   With 451 stores nationwide,  it's no secret that Trader Joe's is the most amazing grocery store on earth.  And Trader Joe's is always looking for input on where to go next. 

Let Trader Joe's know that Central Georgia will support their mission and invite them to be Macon's new neighborhood grocery chain.  Put in your request asking Trader Joe's to open their next store in Midtown Macon!  Let them know they will have a large customer base ready and waiting for them to be midtown's neighborhood grocery store.   

There are several ways you can help bring a Trader Joe's to Macon:

  • Make your request online at their website: Trader Joe's has a place on their website where they accept requests for new store locations.  They only open a handful of stores each year and of those, they only open stores in regions where they already have stores if they know there is a strong customer base there waiting for them.  

Click here to tell Trader Joes that you want them in Macon, Georgia

  • Spread the word and share the campaign: We possibly could get a Trader Joe's in Macon if Central Georgia can show them that a substantial customer base is already here waiting for them.  To be successful, it is imperative that Macon residents support efforts to bring more options for healthy food to our city.  Feel free to share this post through social media with friends, family, and your favorite community groups. 

Did you know a former Kroger in Germantown, Tennessee will be converted into a Trader Joe's?
A space at 2130 Exeter in a vacant building where Kroger once operated began construction earlier this year.

Did you know Trader Joes is good for local property values?
According to a report released by Zillow, homes in proximity to a Trader Joe's appreciate faster. You can read more HERE.

Sound good?  Would you like to see a Trader Joe's in Macon?  Write in to Trader Joe's HERE today!

posted 03/30/2018 in Community


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