Disney On Ice


disney on ice!

My son and I entered a fantastical winter wonderland beyond all imagination this past Sunday at Disney on Ice at the Macon Centreplex.  It was fabulous. If you’re a Disney fan, it is a must see for all ages.  The show started with Mickey and Minnie along with some other Disney favorites. One of our favorite movies of all time is Fantasia, so we were very impressed and excited to see the sweeping broom skaters!



Without getting into the details of all the story lines (which I’m sure you already know), I just want to say that we thought it was a great show. Very entertaining! Disney does such a fine job of bringing its movies to life – which I’m sure is no small achievement, since we all know them so well.  But instead, the characters and the costumes are fantastic, the set backdrops are as realistic as can be for an ice rink and the music and dancing draw you right into the show. The skaters are truly talented – full of dynamism, strength, and elegance.



Disney on Ice was definitely a must see.  Not only does a bit of Disneyland or Disney World and Disney history comes to the ice, but audiences get a chance to see talented and accomplished figure skaters perform.


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