Exclusive Interview with Lawrence Gowan from STYX

It's not often you get the chance to interview a band that has sold over 50 million records and has toured the world at least three times. So, when the offer to interview a  member of the band SYTX was made our Gatekeepers jumped at the opportunity. STYX rock and roll resume is pretty darn impressive by any standard (Records sold, chart topping songs and longevity in the music business) and it says a lot about the folks at the Macon Centreplex to be able to bring an act of legendary status to our community. 

Below you can find a YouTube recording of our Gatekeepers interview with STYX member Lawrence Gowan who has been with the band since the 90’s. While our Gatekeeper team does not profess to be music critics or snobby audiophiles, we do enjoy welcoming people to Macon, Ga and our pride in this city is evident in everything we do. This interview is no exception, if you listen to any of it be sure to catch the last 2 minutes where our team shamelessly promotes the great places to eat and hangout in Macon, Ga. Pitching the benefits of to member of the band STYX, priceless!

Here are some Quick Highlights: 

Musical Influences: 
John Lennon, Elton John, Rick Wakeman from Yes, Tony Banks from Genesis, Keith Emerson, Burton Cummings

What’s currently on your iPod?
MUSE, TEENE, Radiohead, Jack White, Ghosthead

Preshow Rituals:
Lawrence couldn’t share all of them with us or they would lose their magic, but he was willing to tell us that he warms up with a little yoga, and the band does the same set of vocal warmups include some of Blue Collar man and Renegade. He also plucks out a few chords on Tommy’s guitar

Next Stop After Macon:
Cozumel Mexico, he thinks. 

Listen to the Full Interview Below:

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