Cherry Blossom Bed Race 2015


You could not have asked for a more beautiful day in downtown Macon to get the Cherry Blossom Festival events kicked off.  Thanks to Lemongrass Bistro for reserving a table for Brunch right on the Bed Race course! By the time we arrived, Cherry Street was packed with hundreds of spectators.

As Always, brunch was EXCELLENT. disclaimer: The following photos were taken along with far too many Mimosas'. 

This year's CBF Bed Race was a pretty serious competition with more racing teams and less teams in it for the pageantry . The odds on favorite was the Walthall Oil Company team that was powered by several Macon-Bibb firemen.  They came to win this thing....

Several other teams that may not have been as fast, but they sure looked good showed their stuff to the highly supportive crowd

After the Bed Race finished up the next event was a real crowd favorite, High Heels for a Cause race was laugh out loud  funny and completely entertaining.

And here is the cutest darn photo from the day's events, the littlest High Heal Runner was by far the crowd pleaser!

With all great festivals, the real entertainment comes from People Watching. Today did not disappoint in that department, Plenty of Pink pets, Pink kids and Pink princesses to found downtown.

More great coverage of the Cherry Blossom Festival will be coming to Gateway Macon through out the week!

posted 05/01/2017 in Events
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