Top 25 Tastes of Macon

Gateway needs your help in a creating a new section to our comprehensive Eat & Drink information. Our Gatekeeper’s want to create a definitive list of Macon’s best palate pleasing foods and drinks.  We call it "The Top 25 Tastes of Macon"

Do these dishes deserve to be on the TOP 25 list?

Submitted by Russ Carmolingo; The pork chop with black berry reduction at Edgar's 


Submitted by Stacy Blalock Carr; The caprese bruschetta at Doughboy


Submitted by James M Donley; Sloppy b'stix at IVP

Whether you are a lifelong native or new in town, the food in a city is what makes it unique.  When you sit down at your favorite local restaurant, there is always that one entrée, appetizer of desert that you crave. When you have friends or family in town what is the top dish you recommend they try while visiting?  Well, your Gatekeepers have been wondering what are the best things to taste in Macon? What culinary delights make Macon’s food scene unique?    We are in search of the Top 25 food or drinks you must Taste in Macon.  Our Gatekeepers have started the TOP 25 Tastes of Macon, but they need your help to finish it.  Please take a second to tell us about your favorite Appetizer, entrée’, side item, desert, drink or other food item that is at the top of your taste bud’s list.

Click here to go to our Top 25 Tastes of Macon page and fill out the form. We will give you credit on the list if your item is selected. Oh yeah, submitting a really good picture will help in the review process for the final 25.

posted 05/01/2017 in Dining
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