A Gatekeepers Bragg Jam Experience

The evening started out with dinner at Ginger Stir Fry, which provided the obligatory base needed prior to an evening of downtown pub crawling. After my friend and I got our fill of the fresh veggies, rice and naan we decided to check out the Crazy Bull to begin our Bragg Jam adventure. First to take the stage was the modern-country rockers from Athens, Georgia - The Daniel Lee Band.  Sounding like a country-tinged Kid Rock, the Daniel Lee Band rocked the sparse crowd as if they were playing to a sold out venue which delighted the modest yet appreciate audience.

Daniel Lee Band

The Daniel Lee Band

After a few songs, it was time to crawl forth as we made our way into the historic Grant’s Lounge just as the extremely funky Dirk Quinn Band ripped into their first song of their set list. A few booty-shaking numbers later found us marching towards the Hummingbird and we were able to catch a song by the Widow Pills as they played to a stiflingly crowded room. Over at the 567 the singer-songwriter Kevin Devine was crooning delicately to a mesmerized audience and the vibe was in stark contrast to that of the Hummingbird’s frenetic and smoky haze.

The most memorable performance of the evening was when Nashville-native Lera Lynn took the Cox Capitol Stage and played a captivating set complemented by her all-star band. Her voice – a mix between Sheryl Crow and KT Tunstall – soared through the auditorium with conviction and her band provided a distinctive touch and atmospheric quality that was unrivaled by any other artist at Bragg Jam.

Lera Lynn backstage at the Cox Capitol.

The remainder of the evening was spent at the 567 to watch the increasingly popular Family & Friends bulldoze through a set of their most crowd-pleasing tunes.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends

And the night was capped off with Dalmatian playing to a roomful of appreciative and enthusiastic fans. And in the words of Dalmatian frontman Burgess Brown, “it is a good day to be in Macon, Georgia”. I couldn’t have agreed with him more, and thousands of others would concur as it was a night to remember for all who attended Bragg Jam this year..

Burgess Brown, front of Dalmatian

Dalmatian frontman, Burgess Brown

Photo credit: Nathan “Bob” James

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