Gateway Macon Sets Records in First Year With New Website

In just 12 months, has shattered every milestone set by our Gatekeeper team. When we first took over operation of the Gateway Macon website we had some lofty goals and ideas for the site that could become a real benefit to the middle Georgia community. Never did we think we would experience the growth and viral social impact Gateway Macon has generated over the last year.  Here are some of the record setting numbers that have made Gateway Macon the fastest growing online leisure guide for things to do in Middle Georgia:

12,000 Facebook Followers:

Yes, we did it! We've made it to 12,000 Facebook fans and it's all because of the AMAZING support from you; all of our fans.  Summer 2015 was awesome! Thanks to everyone who made this possible, thanks to the people of Macon who attended so many festivals, restaurants and social events.  Since launching Gateway Macon in August of 2014, we’ve quadrupled our Facebook followers and reached a milestone for our little website of humble beginnings. 

Single Day Facebook record:

In just one day we found out how much Middle Georgia loves food and nostalgia when we published the first in a series of TOP 5 Lists on recipes from some of the past favorite restaurants local’s use to love. This post generated 11,500 pageviews in just 24 hours!

Click HERE for The Top 5 Lost Restaurant Recipes of Macon

Of course, the folks in Warner Robins help set a single day Facebook post record when the Top 5 Restaurants of Warner Robins list reached 70,000 Facebook followers in 24 hours. Click HERE for the Top 5 Restaurants in Warner Robins

1,000,000 Pageviews:

Since we launched the redesigned and refocused website in August of 2014, we have seen some amazing engagement on the site. Of course, since we are in the business of selling advertising based on the number of pages viewed, the most impressive number related to Gateway’s success is reaching the 1,000,000 page view milestone. We accomplished this feat by generating a ton of original content that locals like you loved to read. From our popular restaurant reviews and leisure and event news to our highly successful TOP 5 Lists, Middle Georgians have been flocking to in ever increasing numbers.

We can't wait to see you at more shows, restaurants, and upcoming events!  Thank you Middle Georgia and let's all keep doing what we've done so far and continue to make Gateway Macon The Local’s Guide for Things to do in Macon and Middle Georgia.

Thank you Middle Georgia!

The next 12 months:

Having our first year of operation with the new and improved website behind us is a great feeling, but there is still lots of work to do moving into our Sophomore year of operation. Of course, our biggest goal is to harness more sponsors, partners and advertisers to the website. Without their support there would be no Gateway Macon. So, if you like the content, convenience and attitude generated by Gateway Macon then please tell your friends about us.

posted 05/01/2017 in Community


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