Interview with Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys

When the call came in that the Gatekeepers would have a chance to interview one of the legendary Beach Boys there was a general Good Vibration in the office. The team immediately got to work researching the interviewee, Bruce Johnston, and gathered more information about the Beach Boys. Of course, everyone has heard of the Beach Boys. Their music has transcended generations and their longevity in the music industry is rivaled by few bands still performing today. As the interview hour approached, our team was well prepared with a long list of questions for Bruce. We were very excited to have such a storied guest on our conference line.

Within in the first few minutes of the interview it was evident that Bruce was one of those rare popular figures that actually enjoyed being interviewed. He quickly established a rapport with our team and almost immediately turned the interview to a very personal subject regarding his ties to the state of Georgia. Bruce was an adopted child and as an adult, he wanted to know about his biological roots. His celebrity status proved useful in his quest for information about his past and he was able to discover that he in fact had several siblings that lived in Madison, Georgia. Over the course of years Bruce Johnston was able to forge a relationship with his newly discovered family in Georgia and to this day he visits Madison, Ga. often to connect with his biological family. So, there you have it, one of the most popular bands to ever come out of California has close ties to Georgia!

Here are a few of our favorite moments from our chat with Bruce:

Bruno Mars is a lot like James Brown…

I was always in the right place at the right time.

I have had an incredible life and it is still going strong with sold out shows.

I have four sons, and I put 3 of them through graduate school, thanks to the fans of Beach Boys for helping make it happen. I owe anyone who goes to our show a big thank you!

We change the show and set list every night and we never play less than 90 minutes. We rehearse before every show and are always tweaking and fine tuning our performance.  

When I got older, I decided I may wrinkle but my songs won’t.

We have turned into a traveling Disney Land. You go to our shows and you see grandparents, parents and the kids all singing along to our songs.”

I did the vocal arrangements for Pink Floyd’s The Wall. You have to have a microscope to see the credit on the album, but thanks to Brian Wilson for teaching me vocal arrangements.”

I’m going to give the reason why I got into the music business: to get girls!

Hear the full interview here:

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