Anticipation For The 5th Wave Is Growing - Will You Be Ready

After a brief holiday hiatus, The Fifth Wave resumed filming in Macon, Georgia in January 2015.  Downtown Macon became a Hollywood set as crews lined the streets with junk cars, trash and debris.  The Fifth Wave filming began on January 8th, and wrapped up on January 10th with filming taking place from 5:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  The movie stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Maggie Siff, Nick Robinson, Ron Livingston, Liev Schreiber, Maika Monroe and was based on the book by Rick Yancey.  The Fifth Wave picks up after the world has been destroyed by four waves of brutal alien invasions and a young girl named Cassie is desperately trying to save her little brother before the inevitable 5th Wave of attacks. This is when she meets a boy who might be her only hope of survival. 

2015 Film and Production Schedule for Macon

Watch Film and Production Crews Turn Downtown Macon Into a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Ground in This 24 Hour Time Lapse Video

                                                                                                                     Video - Harrison Frazier

Submitted Video of Helicopter Landing at the Intersection of Second Street and Cotton Avenue

Watch This Never Before Seen - Behind the Scenes Video Clip of Filming

(Cotton Street Alley)

During the last night of filming, businesses along the set of The 5th Wave in Macon were damaged from a movie explosion that didn't go as planned.  An early morning scheduled explosion of a gutted-out bus that was placed on Cotton Avenue by movie crews went south and blew out windows, collapsed ceilings, destroyed store fronts, setting one building on fire, and leaving soot on brick buildings and property of businesses along Cotton Avenue between Cherry and Mulberry Streets.  Reportedly, a burning piece of the bus ended up in a Cotton Avenue alley that started an additional fire that charred sections of the brick buildings.  According to the Macon Telegraph, “filmmakers and the explosives technician initially stated there would only be a small fire from propane tanks and a simulated explosion using hydraulic compression cylinders to blow from a bus parked on Cotton Avenue, which was made to look like a post-apocalyptic city.  Buildings shook and windows shattered as flames shot up and over buildings. Embers were burning on roofs, window ledges and flying flames ignited trash on the set in an alley.”  Thanks to early concerns from Macon-Bibb leaders during the preliminary planning meetings, firefighters were staged and standing at the ready with hoses.

                                                                                                                     Video Courtesy of 41NBC

Post Production Video of the Cotton Avenue Bus Explosion Scene

The 5th Wave is Coming to Theaters January 22nd.  Will You Be Ready?

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