Central Georgia Technical College

Located between downtown and Macon’s industrial sector, CGTC is one of the state’s largest technical schools, with 12,000 students enrolled in more than 190 programs for certificates, diplomas, and associate’s degrees. Regularly assessed and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the same organization that vets the state university system, CGTC equips students to pursue advanced academic degrees or confidently enter the work-force with marketable skills.

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From ‘Shop Class’ to Biotech

CGTC constantly evaluates Georgia’s job market to stay ahead of its demands by adding programs for up-and-coming careers as well as updating mainstays in trade, industrial, and public services. Lately, the recession-resistant field of health care draws the most students with training for surgical and orthopedic technology, radiology, practical nursing, and polysomnography (involving the treatment of apnea, insomnia, and other sleep disorders), among others. CGTS recently added an associate’s degree in Biotechnology, a major front in our most pressing environmental crises, and the Information Technology program is turning out the next generation of the digerati. Busy, nontraditional students can brush up hobbies such as photography or learn a new software program in the Continuing Education Program.

Work-readiness, guaranteed

Central Georgia Technical College backs up its programs with an unusual warranty: If a graduate lacks the skills necessary to meet certain job requirements or pass state-ordered license examinations, the school will provide that specific, additional training at no cost. “That is how confident we are that you will graduate thoroughly prepared for your field --- we literally guarantee it,” says CGTC spokeswoman Tonya McClure.

Everything to gain, nothing to owe

Because of CGTC’s affordable tuition, extensive financial aid and scholarship programs, and an office devoted solely to assessing and meeting individual budgetary needs, most students graduate debt-free, ready to start earning without struggling to repay the student loans that can dog other professionals for years.

Want to be your own boss?

Technical training is a powerhouse engine of entrepreneurship. Studies have shown that one in five technical graduates will create a small business within three years.

Extra-curricular slam dunk

Basketball teams for men and women compete in the National Junior College Association, and CGTC plans to add more intercollegiate sports and athletic facilities to its 43-acre campus.