Looking for a great internship for next semester? 


Gateway Macon offers highly competitive internships to active students. The internships offer students an opportunity to gain real-world experience at one of the Southeast's leading social and leisure online digital magazine.  As a small organization with a commitment to the very best journalism, we give interns a chance to learn how decisions are made. Interns are encouraged to pitch story ideas to all editors, but we hold them to the same standards as our professional writers.

The best interns are assertive, ambitious and organized. Each candidate should have some journalism experience and must be working toward a degree. Additionally, candidates must receive credit for the internship. Do we make exceptions? NO.

We require a minimum commitment of 12-16 hours per week.



Although we'll work with students regarding schedules and deadlines, we generally try to stick to three separate terms: fall (mid-August through late December), spring (early January through early May), summer (mid-May through mid-August). Deadlines for application packets are: December 5 for the spring, April 18 for the summer and Aug. 1 for the fall. To apply, please send a cover letter (outlining why you should be considered for the internship, including what sets you apart from other applicants, blogging experience, involvement in social media, as well as any specific interests in our sections, including Food & Drink, Arts, News, Music, as well as marketing and sales), a resume, two references (with e-mail and phone number), and three samples of your work to: [email protected]

The number of interns working with the editorial staff varies, but these are the general areas where most interns work:

Food & Drink: An intern interested in cuisine writing will assist the food editor in keeping up-to-date on restaurant listings, including the online Eats category that includes reviews of hundreds of Middle Georgia restaurants, as well as dealing with Web content and fact-checking.

Music: Music interns compile music listings, help organize and administer the local music archives, and assist the music editor in various projects. Once they have demonstrated their skills, music interns may be called upon to write record reviews or weekly music highlights. Macon and Middle Georgia has a vibrant music scene; this section is one of the most popular parts of the magazine – and for writers, one of the most competitive. Pressing deadlines on Fridays; availability will be considered in placement.

Arts & Entertainment: Interns interested in arts and entertainment will assist the A&E editor with updating the Arts & Entertainment blog covering topics including visual arts, theater, film, dance, books, comedy and more. An A&E intern will also be responsible for pulling photos for print and online content, working on the Gateway Macon website, organizing the mail, and contributing to the content.

News: Interns interested in covering hard news and copy-editing work with our award-winning staff writers and editors in the news and operations departments. News interns maintain our civic-related events and assist reporters in researching stories, compiling information, writing blog posts, maintaining our community events, helping to build our guides, and fact-checking. Pressing deadlines are on Fridays and Mondays; availability on those days will be considered in placement.

Digital: An intern with a strong interest in digital, content production, and social media will contribute to GM’s online editorial voice (social media), online production work (content and database management), and editorial content (writing and such). Intern liaison with section editors and various departments around GM to maintain an ethically sound online presence and execute digital strategy. As interns establish their skills, they may have the opportunity to oversee their own section of and pursue topics/stories of their choosing.

Marketing and Promotions: Assist in PR duties such as maintaining a press list; writing and distributing press releases; research general marketing and social media trends; upload giveaways and blogs to the website and help manage ticket giveaways; perform other general sales and marketing research as needed; and assist at marketing events, concerts, festivals, etc., when needed.

Sales: Interns will meet with potential business and will make lists for suggested advertisers and sponsors. Interns will work with account lists with dormant accounts and work with the AEs to potentially set appointments.