Macon Water Authority

"Water is the oil of the 21st century."
Andrew Liveris, CEO Dow Chemical
“Running Dry,” The Economist, 21 Aug 08

Perhaps the truest test of a genuinely progressive community today is the measure of its ability to protect the sources of its most precious commodity, water.  Thanks to the leadership of the Macon Water Authority, Macon-Bibb County has the capacity not only to meet current needs but also to attract industry and residents with confidence.

Throughout the ages, water is the essential element that has the power to draw people to it.  In this century the availability, quality and affordability of clean water will be the driving force in economic development.  Because of the forethought and ongoing investment of the MWA, Macon-Bibb is uniquely poised to capitalize on its outstanding stewardship of its water resources, as these issues become an increasingly critical consideration.

The current composition of the Macon Water Authority consists of an elected Chairman at Large, along with elected District members and local Macon-Bibb government representatives.  Chairman Frank Amerson served in that capacity from 1976 until his death in 2012, providing vision, leadership and consistency to the organization.  Since 2012, Kirby Godsey, Chancellor and former President of Mercer University, has served as interim Chairman of the Macon Water Authority.

In addition to the Macon Water Authority's importance to local business, industry, and economic development in Middle Georgia, MWA also provides residents of Macon-Bibb with what has been officially awarded as "The Nation's Best-Tasting Tap Water." 

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