Shannon Ray- MGPI

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Shannon Ray has lived her whole life in the Middle Georgia area. As a young girl she had numerous paranormal experiences, which led her to question the existence of the continuation after death. Shannon continuously proves to be a dedicated mother, wife, and professional within every aspect of her life. The field of paranormal investigation paves a huge importance within her life. She is completely dedicated to helping bring light to a topic that mainstream society has attempted to darken. Shannon offers a logical and intuitive perspective within every investigation. She has been told numerous times she thinks "outside of the box, which is outside of the box". She offers challenging intellectual questions which provoke alternative thinking within MGPI.

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations (MGPI) is a paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific and metaphysical evidence of other realms of existence and is dedicated to assisting those experiencing unexplained phenomenon. We search for the true cause of reported activity, whether that is something explainable or paranormal in nature. Based out of Middle Georgia, MGPI takes pride in our professional work with the paranormal. There is a distinct passion with each investigator related directly to this undefined field. A distinguished love exists for the work that we do, but there is an extensive urge to help society decipher those experiences which are not easily understood.