Filming of '42' Has More Than $1 Million Impact on Macon and Bibb Co. - Macon Film Commission

Filming of ‘42’ has more than $1 Million Impact on Macon & Bibb County

Macon, GA – The Macon Film Commission announced that the recent filming of the feature film “42” generated expenditures of an estimated $800,000 to $1.3 million during the 18 days of production at locations in and around Macon and Bibb County.  According to the Event Impact Calculator that was developed for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the impact of the film on the local economy is estimated at between $1.4 and $2 million.

The production included 300 - 400 crewmembers and more than 1,000 extras, a 50-50 split between Macon and the Atlanta area to work on the scenes shot in and around historic downtown Macon. Scenes were filmed in Central City Park at Luther Williams Field and Field 7, and in the Terminal Station. One major scene was filmed in Jones County, several private homes in the Macon’s Historic district and an abandoned service station on Plum Street.

“The excitement in Macon during the filming was quite evident from the conversations that were happening and the amount of people that came in to Macon just to see scenes being shot,” says Macon Mayor Robert Reichert. “Our reputation as a city that is willing to work with film companies appears to be spreading, and I am thankful for the welcoming reception our community and businesses provided them.”

"The commission would like to thank the City of Macon, Parks and Recreation, the Macon Police Department, Central Services, Bibb County, and the people and business owners who enthusiastically supported this project that generated a large amount revenue for our community in a short period of time,” says Tabitha Lynne Walker, one of five volunteers that make up the Macon Film Commission.

Scouting for this project began in Fall of 2011 when production contacted the Macon Film Commission, which works cooperatively with the Georgia Film Commission. Location scouts traveled from Los Angeles and Atlanta to survey Luther Williams Field in Central City Park. During visits and meetings with Macon Film Commission location specialist Elliott Dunwody scouts for the film began to see that Macon could serve as numerous backdrops for the film. After the multiple scouts it was decided that Macon would be the perfect backdrop not just for scenes in the baseball stadium, (which doubled for City Island Park in Daytona Beach), but also for Brooklyn, New York, (downtown 2nd Street) Pensacola and New Orleans (Macon Terminal Station).

About the Macon Film Commission
Commissioned in 2010 by Mayor Reichert, the Macon Film Commission is an appointed committee of the Macon Film Festival and is comprised of five unpaid, volunteer commissioners. The criteria for nomination included involvement with the Macon Film Festival and film/television industry experience. The Macon Film Commissioners are Elliot Dunwody, J. Cindy Hill, Terrell Sandefur, Stephanie Shadden, and Tabitha Lynne Walker.

Serving as the liaison to filmmakers looking to use the Central Georgia region as a potential location, location scouting is one of the prime functions of the Macon Film Commission. Whether the project is a big budget feature film like “42” or “Trouble With the Curve” which filmed earlier this Spring; or a commercial, music video, documentary or television series, the Macon Film Commissioners provide location assistance, act as a liaison to local businesses and city officials, act as a resource with knowledge about local cast and crew members and other individuals and businesses in the region.

Macon is one of Georgia's three Fall Line Cities and has a unique geography of rolling hills and flat plains making it an ideal location for film production. In addition to its natural resources, Macon is also home to 5,500 National Register historic structures in 11 historic districts. Amazing architecture, multiple industrial locations, a large local talent pool, affordability, and true southern hospitality make Macon a great location for filmmaking.

A production company who was producing a national commercial for Dodge contacted Commissioner Dunwody in 2011 when they were looking for a last-minute alternate race track for their production. Dunwody considered their requirements and took them to the Byron Racetrack. The producers loved the location and instead of shooting one commercial the production team decided to film a series of commercials to introduce the multiple 2011 Dodge vehicles. Once production wrapped the project became one of the largest commercial productions done in the state of Georgia in 2011.

“If you don’t hear us or see us then it means we’re doing our job correctly,” adds Walker, who is also co-founder and current president of the Macon Film Festival Board of Directors.

Currently the Macon Film Commission is working with large and independent filmmakers on scouts two to three times a month. Production crews from Sony, Dreamworks, Universal, Warner Brothers, and others have scouted Macon, Bibb County, and the surrounding Central Georgia region for potential film, television and commercial projects. Commissioners often must sign non-disclosure agreements that preclude them from discussing a project until it is finished.

“Film Commissioners are responsible for a bunch of really un-glamorous, behind-the-scenes hard time consuming work that we can’t even talk about” commented Hill, a Macon native who worked for 10 years on professional film and television projects in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Savannah.

About the Macon Film Festival
The Macon Film Festival was founded in 2005 to celebrate the art and craft of the moving image, and to introduce independent films that rarely appear in Macon. The Macon Film Festival is dedicated to entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences and filmmakers alike by offering innovative and imaginative films both mainstream and independent in nature. The festival also strives to introduce visiting filmmakers and guests to the Central Georgia community, and to promote film production in the area. The festival is open to filmmakers working in all media, genres, and themes.

The 8th Annual Macon Film Festival will be held in historic downtown Macon February 14 – 17, 2013. The festival’s call for submission is currently open, and information regarding submission deadlines can be found via the link on the festival homepage (

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