For Immediate Release
Contact: Sarah Tabor
[email protected]

Macon, GA—The Macon Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) and the Macon Economic Development Commission (MEDC) will form a new partnership, effective January 1, 2013. This new partnership will streamline efforts in bringing business and industry to the Macon-Bibb County Community.

Maceo Rogers recently announced his resignation on December 3 during the MBCIA Board of Directors meeting. Rogers served as the Executive Director of the MBCIA from July 2011 until December 2012. Rogers played a vital role in economic development of the Authority’s 6 Industrial Parks. He helped coordinate economic development efforts through prospecting, marketing and directing the operations of the MBCIA. His resignation will be effective December 31, 2012.

Cliffard Whitby, Chairman of the MBCIA Board of Directors remarked, “The members of the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority regret the departure of the Authority’s Executive Director, Maceo Rogers, but at the same time are elated at the recognition of his ability and success by our counterparts in Fulton County. We could not be more proud of Maceo’s leadership in Macon and Bibb County’s economic development efforts and accomplishments here during his tenure.”

Mayor Robert Reichert stated, “I have enjoyed working with Maceo Rogers, and I hate to see him leave. Still, I am happy for him that his new employment will have such great potential for him and allow him to be closer to his family. This also has allowed the Industrial Authority the opportunity to develop a more streamlined working relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and MEDC, and I’m excited about the potential for the future.”

MEDC, as the marketing arm of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce will provide additional services to MBCIA, and Pat Topping will be the single point of contact for economic development in the Macon-Bibb County area. Topping, Senior Vice President of MEDC, will assume some of the responsibilities Rogers held and will work with the MBCIA Board on all matters regarding prospect incentives.

Chairman Sam Hart commented, “I am extremely excited by today’s announcement. Pat Topping has long been an outstanding member of the Economic Development Team. He brings his expertise in procuring businesses to locate in Bibb County and his professionalism in keeping our existing businesses here. He is held in high regards by his peers in the Southern Economic Development Council where he was recently named the Georgia Alternate Director of Southern Economic Development Board of Directors. I congratulate Pat Topping on his new role as the single point of contact for Macon and Bibb County.”

Gretchen Corbin, Deputy Commissioner at the Georgia Department of Economic Development stated, “Having a professional, single point of contact in place is extremely helpful to a community’s economic development efforts. That way, the message stays consistent, the process is more efficient, and companies are reassured that responses will be prompt and their confidential material will be contained. It’s a very effective way that local partnerships can improve their chances to bring jobs and investment to their communities.”

"This will unquestionably help us better serve our customer. A prospect will see Macon speaking as one, while our local partners work together to provide appropriate incentives, approvals, and assistance. This level of cooperation reflects the mutual trust and respect that the leadership of MEDC, the Industrial Authority, and our other partners have for one another,” concurred Robbo Hatcher, Chairman of MEDC Board.