Mayor Reichert Proposes Balanced Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

Macon GA - City of Macon - City of Macon Seal - Macon, Georgia(Macon, GA - 05/15/2013)  Macon Mayor Robert Reichert proposed to City Council a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14), which is the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. He made this presentation at a Special Called Meeting of City Council on Tuesday, May 14. The meeting was open to the public and can be viewed at The presentation and proposed budget can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

The proposed, balanced FY14 was developed after many weeks of dedicated effort by Department Heads and staff, and it was done with the pending consolidation in mind and guided by our Strategic Plan and within the B.E.S.T. framework.

The general fund budget is 2.6% less than the previous year’s approved budget and 7.4% less than FY2012. The millage rate is being proposed to remain the same at 9.7 mils. Despite the reduced general fund, we are still able to provide services to our community and support projects and initiatives to improve our neighborhoods. Funding is included for:

   - Macon-Bibb County Consolidation
   - Additional firefighters for new stations
   - 100 hardwood trees
   - Greener Macon initiatives, including litter pickup and the Gateway Project
   - Ongoing housing demolition
   - 5x5 Program

The full proposed budget can be viewed here.

Budgetary Impact of Consolidation
This is an historic budget for the City of Macon as it will be the last budget for a government that has existed since 1823. In January 2014, the new, consolidated Macon-Bibb County will begin serving our community as a municipal and county government. With that transition in mind, the City has prepared half of the budget for the current government and the other half for the new government. Revenues are calculated for the entire FY14, but expenditures are calculated in six month halves. The first six months are prepared in detail, but the second six months are reflected as a single line item so the new Macon-Bibb County government will have the discretion to build a new financial structure. The University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government will be assisting the the City and County in compiling the full first 6 months budget of the new government.

Strategic Plan
With pending consolidation of city and county governments leading to a new Macon-Bibb County, the administration of the City of Macon developed a Strategic Plan for the remaining months to focus on three competing – but complimentary – areas through January 2014.

Day-to-Day Operations
This requires full-time attention of city staff and elected officials being responsive to citizen concerns and acting in a fiscally responsible manner while providing essential city services.

Macon-Bibb County Consolidation
The creation of a new, consolidated Macon-Bibb County and the closure of the City of Macon will require active participation from city staff and elected officials in a compressed timeframe to ensure continuity of services and structuring of a new government for the 21st century.

Strategic Projects
There are critical projects that address current and future challenges and lay the foundation for accomplishing the City’s and Mayor’s Vision.

Strategic Framework
Both the Plan and the budget were developed within the framework to help guide Macon to become the B.E.S.T. community it can be.

Build a sustainable community.
Educate all of our citizens.
Safety and Services in every neighborhood.
Transit and Technology throughout the region.

Budget Meetings are open to the public at City Hall and are viewable online via live streaming or as archived video at

Wednesday, May 15
3:00 General fund revenues
3:45 Middle Georgia Food Bank
4:15 Douglass Theatre
4:45 Middle GA Regional Comm.
5:15 CVB
5:45 Urban Dev. Authority

Thursday, May 16
3:00 NewTown Macon
3:30 Childrens Museum
4:00 Historic Hills and Heights
4:30 Land Bank Authority
5:00 MTA/Paratransit
5:30 21st Century Partnership

Friday, May 17
3:00 Vehicle Maintenance
4:00 Central Services
5:00 Municipal Court

Wednesday, May 22
3:00 MIS/Communications
4:00 ECD
4:30 Clerk
5:00 Airport

Thursday, May 23
3:00 Mayor
4:00 City Attorney
4:45 Finance/Risk Management

Wednesday, May 29
3:00 EMA
3:30 City Council
4:00 Fire

Thursday , May 30
3:00 Human Resources
3:30 Internal Audit
4:00 Police/E-911

Wednesday, June 5
3:00 Centreplex
3:30 Public Works – Landfill
4:00 Public Works – Solid Waste
4:30 Public Works – Streets
5:00 Public Works – Parks
5:30 Bowden

Thursday, June 6
3:00 Budget finalization

Friday, June 7
3:00 Budget finalization