Macon-Bibb County Consolidation Transition Task Force Adopts Official Logo

MACON, GA (07/17/2013) - Members of the Macon-Bibb County Consolidation Transition Task Force selected and voted on designs for an official logo for the transition task force this week; and following a good-natured debate to decide between two final contenders for the emblem's design, the new symbol of unification was approved unanimously.

As the official merger of Macon and Bibb County governments draws ever nearer its January 1, 2014, commencement date, the special task force charged with making a reality of the transition to a consolidated government is hard at work, making sure all the details are considered.  On Wednesday, the team checked another item off their list when they chose a design for the task force's official logo that shows three buildings standing alongside one another to make up a skyline, swathed across their facades and grounded by sweeping banners of red and blue.

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