GABBA Fest 2018 - September 21-23

GABBA Fest is the Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association Annual Music Festival 


GABBA, the Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association, has been helping preserve Georgia's ABB history since the early 1990’s.  Each year we produce the world-famous GABBAfest, Macon’s good-time reunion of ABB fans from all over the world. Outstanding live music, visits to the Big House, the wonderful history and hospitality of middle Georgia and Macon, lifelong memories, and good times for all are always to be expected!

GABBAfest 2018 Artists


Friday Night at the Douglass Theater:
The Sonny Moorman Group with Special Guest Johnny Neel
Kunio Kishida & Friends
Stashpocket featuring Adam Gorman & Dustin McCook

Saturday Night at the Douglass Theater:
An Evening with Jack Pearson

Special Weekend Guest/Artist at Large – Heather Gillis

The GABBAfest Kick-Off at Gallery West on Thursday
The Official GABBAfest Aftershow at Grant’s Lounge featuring Sanctified Revival on Friday
The GABBA Members Jam at the Big House on Saturday hosted by
Dirty Uncle Bob
The GABBA Hangover at the Big House on Sunday featuring
Kunio Kishida
Sanctified Revival
The Jesse Williams Band

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About GABBA Fest:

The Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association (GABBA) has been dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Allman Brothers Band musical heritage in Georgia since 1992.  GABBA is a registered non-profit in the state of Georgia.  Each year we produce GABBAfest, a world famous musical festival that reunites Allman Brothers fans from all parts of the world.  Proceeds from GABBAfest are donated to numerous charities and non-profits in the Middle Georgia area, as well as to musicians and other members of the GABBA family who have medical needs.  Our accomplishments include:

  • Adopting Rose Hill Cemetery as part of the Bibb County “Adopt a Spot” beautification program.
  • Preserving the Capricorn collection at the former Phoenix Studios.
  • Preserving and donating a framed mushroom pendant belonging to Duane Allman to the Big House/Allman Brothers Band Museum.
  • Donating items to Washington Memorial Library in Macon
  • for the Middle Georgia Archives.
  • Contributing annually to the Macon Methodist Home for Children and Youth in memory of Joe Dan Petty.
  • Dedication of the Duane Allman Boulevard and the Berry Oakley, Jr. Bridge signs in Macon.
  • Proclamation of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, Jr. Day in Macon.
  • Contributing to the Big House Foundation for the Allman Brothers Band Museum.
  • Contributions to the former Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
  • Contributing annually to the Historic Rose Hill Cemetery Foundation.
  • Collaborating with New Town Macon to provide tours of the Capricorn Studios during GABBAFEST.
  • Contributing to ABB family and friends who are in need of assistance due to medical issues.
  • Sponsoring the historical marker at the Byron Race Track, site of the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival.
  • Presented a historical plaque to the Library Ballroom, site of the College Discotheque in Macon.

“GABBA is a foundation of fans who feel like family, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Allman Brothers Band musical heritage in Georgia by making tangible contributions to projects, programs and plans to insure this heritage is not lost but indeed remembered, revered, and reveled in as an important part of Macon’s, the South’s, the nation’s and even the world’s musical and cultural legacy whose very roots are found here in Georgia.  We respect and admire their music and feel as if we are members of their extended family yet still respect and admire their personal families without infringing or imposing on their private lives.

From the beginning to now, through tragedy and triumph, their music has enriched our lives, and we feel we must, and we can, give something back to insure the proper and perpetual preservation of this musical heritage that has so blessed our lives.  Our goals include the collecting, preserving, nurturing, and sharing of this music history, contributing to the care and upkeep of Rose Hill Cemetery and recognizing other ABB landmarks in Georgia, and contributing to the development of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame (GMHF) and the Big House Foundation Museum.”