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Public Ice Skating

Public Ice Skating


Spectra Venue Management, operators of the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium, are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 schedule for Public Ice Skating presented by Cherry St. Scoops at the Macon Coliseum. »

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The Winter Lull

Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone.  The overeating and shopping and TV specials are behind us, and now we just settle in for what passes as "Winter" in Middle Georgia.  Winter in Middle Georgia closely resembles two people fighting over the household thermostat... turning it warm, then back cold, them back warm, then back cold again.  While we await spring and the popping of the blossoms in May, be sure to check out Macon Mayhem Hockey, and remember that needs continue after the holidays end.  Please take a minute and throw some help to Daybreak Macon, Loaves & Fishes, or any other of Macon's charitable organizations.

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