Macon Music Overview

Otis Redding Memorial Statue in Macon, Georgia

What do Little Richard, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, and Jason Aldean all have in common? They all began their musical careers right here in Macon, Georgia! That's right, some of the greatest names in Rock n' Roll once called Macon Ga their home.

Macon, Georgia and Georgia music history are inextricably linked. And like a magnet, creative and talented musicians have been drawn to the area for decades. The Allman Brothers Band exemplify the genre of music known as southern Rock n' Roll. And their presence can still be felt in Macon Ga today. Just stop by the their favorite soul-food kitchen H & H Restaurant to experience the vibe for yourself. Additionally, Macon Ga is home to an active hip-hop scene, as well a bustling indie music movement.