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Razzy Bailey Macon's Template For The Future

By Joey Stuckey, Guest Gatekeeper. To read more about Joey, click here

As is so often the case, to plan for a vibrant future, we have to look to the successes of the past. Dateline 1966: The hit-maker, Razzy Bailey explodes onto the music scene with his song, 9,999,999 Tears. It was the first of many hits for this remarkable artist and native son of Macon, GA!

Razzy’s example of great songwriting and a tireless work ethic is a powerful model for our current cadre of Macon musicians to follow. Isn’t it time we had another hitmaker like Razzy putting Macon back in its rightful place of music Mecca?

Razzy’s music has made him beloved by music fans across the world. His sounds range from country to pop to southern rock and so does his list of famous friends and collaborators. Among them are names including Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Royal, Randy Van Warner, Delbert McClinton, Johnny Cash, and even KISS member, Peter Kris.

With 13 #1 Hits and 30 Top #10 hits, Razzy has a permanent place in the history of American music. His landmark year was in 1981 when he had an amazing total of nine number one hits to his name, making him Billboard's Country Singles Artist for that year.

His musical life has given him many memorable experiences, but when asked for some of his most cherished moments Razzy remembers two career milestones:

First, he says, is the day when three major labels offered him recording deals within a twenty minute period. The second memorable milestone was when Razzy performed to more than one million people in Washington D.C., a crowd even larger than Garth Brooks' now legendary Central Park audience.        

Okay, so the past is golden, but what about the present?

Well, currently, Razzy lives in - surprise, surprise - Nashville, T.N. with his wife (who is also his manager Faye Bright-Bailey). He has his own recording studio and does a lot of recording and performing throughout the United States, Europe and the rest of the universe. And I also include his performance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Croatia in that musical cosmos.

Razzy also devotes some of his time and considerable talent to artist development. He has his own record label, Sounds of America, or SOA for short.

Check out my interview with Razzy and his performance on a special addition of Studio 41 and see for yourself what an amazing talent he is and hear some cool Macon stories including tails of Greg Allman and Cher.