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Still A Great Music City!

When you think of places that have changed the world through their music, you might think of Liverpool, Nashville or Los Angeles. But I know another place that has the same soul shaking, earth moving, heart pounding music as anywhere, and it is the place I call home - Macon, Georgia!

When I was 15 years old, I got my first paying music job here in Macon at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. I worked as a sound technician and I have never looked back.  From that moment on, I have been obsessed with the power of music from Macon. Of course, our musical past is amazing with musical legends such as Little Richard, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, Wet Willie and many more. But outside of the R&B and Southern Rock we are known for, did you know that two of the members R.E.M., a band that changed the sound of rock, are from Macon? More recently a great musical Maconite, Jason Aldean, has also hit the big-time.

We have some truly unique and genre-busting artists that are still waiting for the world to discover them. That’s why I partnered with NewTown Macon to produce the “Macon Music CD Volume 1” album.

I have suggested the idea of compiling a music CD with Macon artists for about a decade and was unsuccessful in finding the right partners until recently. Josh Rogers and the entire NewtTown Macon team have been wonderful to work with. Copies of the Macon Music CD Volume 1 album are free of charge to any music fan that comes through our town.

On Saturday, September 12th everyone will get the chance to experience the power of Macon's music at a free concert. The CDs (or digital downloads if you prefer) are free and will be available the night of the concert.

The concert will be held at the Armory Ballroom on September 12th from 7 – 10p.m. Doors will open at 6:30pm and a mini documentary about the recording process will be shown. All the artists featured on the CD are set to perform and will be on hand to sign copies of your CD.

As a producer (my studio is located in Macon) and host of a TV and radio show that features independent music, I wanted to give back to the place I live and work. I would like to give these amazing musicians a chance to have a professional recording and a chance to be seen and heard.

Something you might not know is that I was not the judge that picked the artists for the compilation. I made the decision early on not to be part of that process so I could focus on just making the music. However, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for more talented or better folks to work with if I had tried!

I would like to extend a special thanks to the judges for the outstanding job they did and while I am thanking people, please allow me to also thank our sponsors that made all of this possible:

Georgia Music Channel
Entertainment Law Group
Guitar Center
Shadow Sound Studio
Ed Birch Audio
Newtown Macon

In closing, let me just say a little about each artist that is featured on the first volume of what will be an annual contest and promotional tool for our town and its music. These artists are truly special because they have been chosen to represent our heritage and future to the world.

Spoiler alert, I will talk about each artist in the order in which they appear on the album.

First up, Matt Rogers: Matt has written a hit song called “Fire Flies.” Matt’s voice is the perfect blend of pop star and country boy. He has some really great songwriting chops and this song shares his love of music and his love for his home town of Macon.

Next up is a young lady I have had the privilege of witnessing grow into a mature artist that has found her voice: Savannah Alday and her song “Don’t Know Why.” This song is as sultry as a hot Georgia night and a real rocker! If you think you know Savannah’s music, this is a little something new that you will love!

Kim Meeks brings a cool blues vibe to track three with her song “Sleeping with the Past.” I have taken to calling her the southern Sade! Kim is one-of-a-kind and has the smooth vocals of Dianna Krall mixed with the intensity of Gladys Knight. Trust me, you will be singing this one all day and night.

Our forth selection brings us into the stratosphere with a song that is at once in your face yet, darkly melodic with some of the most inspirational lyrics I have heard. Think Adam Lambert meets Lincoln Park. I am a new fan of Joshua Neal and his song “Fight!” Also, he let me play a lot of guitar on his track, so you know there is that.

In the number five slot, the guys from Station 13 bring the house down with “Beautiful Suicide.” This is rock goodness!  It’s what I think of as a combination of Nickleback meets Googoo Dolls with a “south of the Mason Dixon line” kick.

This next song is sure to have crowds of people singing along every time the guys perform it. At the number six position it is Tash and the Boys with “She’s On the Loose.”

A great bar room sing-a-long with a surf music feel, the guys have come up with something special and a sound you would not expect to hear in town - which is a great thing, good job guys!

Another artist I am proud to share with you is Lisa Danielle. Her music is dramatic and powerful; her voice is expressive and will hook you forever. Her song “Farewell” is sad but cathartic and a roller coaster ride from start to finish. It also is unique because of its nod to 50’s music - kind of like a Little Richard on downers.

To close out this spectacular musical adventure into Macon’s music and future stars, we have Dean Brown. Dean has long been a Macon favorite and I have been a fan for a long time. His song is the perfect way to end your time taking in Macon’s musical magic. With “Can’t Lose ‘Em All” Dean pokes fun at our daily tragedies and leaves us with hope for the future. From the hooky lyrics and melodies to the Miles Davis’ “Birth of Cool” style trumpet solo, this song has it all and you will turn to this track again and again when you’re having a hard day!

But don’t just take my word for it: get out and come be part of our music on Saturday, September 12th at the Armory Ballroom. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

I’ll see you there!

-Joey Stuckey