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Macon Can Do It - Here’s The Proof!

I am always saying how amazing the talent in Macon is. As a producer with a recording studio in historic downtown Macon and host of ‘Studio 41,’ I know it’s true. But no one should just take my word for it. So I will share a few facts about some music legends from Macon that have become household names in the music world. Keep in mind this is not a complete list, but an impressive one all the same.

Robert McDuffie - Macon GA - Gateway Macon

If classical is your thing, we need to look no further than Mercer’s Robert McDuffie Center for Strings. Robert has appeared on numerous television shows from A&E’s ‘Breakfast with the Arts’ to CBS News’ ‘Sunday Morning.’ He has also been nominated for a Grammy for his performance of Leonard Bernstein concertos.

If country is more your style, then one of the hottest names in country today is our own Jason Aldean. Two of his big hits include ‘Night Train’ and ‘Burnin’ It Down.’

Many folks in Macon know about our heritage when it comes to southern rock, but did you know that besides our ties to the Allman Brothers, we also have two Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees from Macon? One is part of the Capricorn Records synergy: Alan Walden. He’s a man who has done so much for music around the world and comes from right here in Macon. Check out my interview with Alan on studio 41:

In addition to Alan Walden, my buddy, Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie, is from Macon. Wet Willie got inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2014. Check out what Jimmy has to say about why the band moved from Alabama to Macon and how it all came together for them once they arrived in our home town:

Two of the members of R.E.M are from MaconIf you want more modern rock, two of the members of R.E.M are from Macon: Mike Mills on bass and Bill Barry on drums. If that isn’t cool enough for you, Macon even has ties to The Police, Squeeze and Dire Straits. Stuart Copland was the drummer for the Police and his other brother, Miles, founded the record label IRS records. The label gave many artists a place to grow. Another Copeland brother, Ian (a good friend of mine who is now deceased), managed and booked many of the labels’ bands. He lived in Macon for about two years and still has family here.

If 50’s rock is more your thing, then did you know that Little Richard is from Macon? He also holds an honorary doctorate from Mercer University! And if that isn’t enough, Richard is a link to the most innovative guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix, who played with Richard for a while.

When it comes to R&B, of course we have a legend known the world over in Otis Redding along with famous DJ and Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee, Hamp Swain.

There’s the proof!

Macon has an amazing history and if we all make sure to buy local music, attend live shows in our home town, a bright future lies in our path! This town deserves to be known once again for world class talent! We still have it - we just have to make sure we tell the world.

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