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Another Great Cherry Blossom Festival

Let our Guest Gatekeeper, Joey Stuckey tell you about his Cherry Blossom Experience:

As you probably are aware, I am blind - nevertheless, pink is my favorite color. Why? Because of the wonderful Cherry Blossom festival we have in Macon every year!

I moved to Macon when I was 15 and the Cherry Blossom Festival has been an important part of my life since then. I can’t count how many times I have played the festival as a professional musician, and while that is a great part of the month of March most years,  what I really love are all the amazing free actives for kids (and adults) of all ages that the festival offers.

For me, it is a great excuse to get out of my studio and check out some of the best music Macon has to offer. Not to mention the amazing food and the cool animal exhibits held at Central City Park. I remember one year I was allowed to pet a sea lion and get a picture with him and he kissed me in the face! Sadly, at the time, it was one of the best kisses I ever had...

The main thing I want to say is that the Cherry Blossom Festival has been an amazing part of Macon’s cultural life for longer than I have lived here. I hope you will join me in treasuring it as the outstanding event it is for all of Middle Georgia and local visitors and that you continue to support it. I can’t imagine Macon without the one of a kind Cherry Blossom Festival!

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