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5/4 Music Space

5/4 In a Nutshell

To facilitate innovation, new ideas must be employed! The 5/4 Management Group has founded a music incubator to serve the interests of new artists. The 5/4 Management Group is a collaborative team committed to serving the administrative and developmental needs of musicians and songwriters.

5/4 is composed of a team of experienced musical producers, sound engineers, musicians and songwriters. 5/4 is a team of collaborative musical professionals with varying areas of expertise. Maximizing the artistic potential of any aspiring, or established artist, is the intention of 5/4. The Group provides artists with rehearsal space, a showcase venue, recording facilities, record and music distribution, and artist management. The strength of 5/4’s business model is bound to the consolidation of services provided to artists. The group has acquired a building large enough to accommodate a professional recording studio, 11 rehearsal spaces, and a live venue to showcase new music to the community. All in a community driven space dedicated to facilitating musical arts. From the first note of a new song, toward the recording and touring support needed for an album to succeed, 5/4 provides a pathway for success in the music industry.

We believe that everyone will benefit culturally from new contributions to the music that composes the cadences of our everyday life. Music is the memory, and soundtrack, of modern life. Investing in new music is investing in everyone’s shared cultural history. The first 11 musical artists to sign with 5/4 Management will hold the first 11 commitments from the New Capricorn Recording Studio, opening in 2017. A powerful music industry in central Georgia will bring much needed revenue from festival attendance and expanded tourism. Music history has done a great deal to contribute to tourism in middle Georgia. Investment in 5/4 Management Group is a direct investment in the future.

What We Need & What You Get

The benefits of a strong community is bound to the health of the culture that binds the community together. Investment in 5/4, by you, is a reflection of commitment already made by the five founders in the musical culture that continues to inspire our lives. 5/4 is dedicated to the responsible facilitation and management of a large building, serving the musical community at large. Considering the many services provided, 5/4 is founded on the principle that no artist should be silenced from a lack of funding. Therefore, 5/4 is committed to providing services that are normally financial burdens to aspiring musical artists. Indiegogo is providing a platform to ask help from the community. Together, we can work to providing the 5/4 facilities with the equipment essential for the success of new musicians.

We need full, or partial, sponsorship to any of the following categories. 

Band Rehearsal Rooms: We are providing microphones and PA equipment to every rehearsal space.

Equipment Cost: $5,000


Sound Insulation:  $1,000


Recording Studio: We are providing a recording studio on the premises for the recording needs of artists.

Sound Insulation:  $2,500

Studio Window:  $2,000

Mac Computer:  $1,000

Mixer:  $2,000

Start Up Fees: Consolidating the needs of artists and recording engineers in a centralized facility requires sponsorship of several ancillary costs. 

Video Production:  $500

Power Bill Deposit:  $1,100

Legal:  $1000

Fundraising:  $500

1st Month Utilities:  $500

ADT Instillation:  $200

Construction:  $2000

Our Team

Andrew Eck

George Murray

Bradley Lenz

Mike Miller

Marc Whitten

Steven Jarvis

The Impact

Education is the natural function of a healthy society. The 5/4 Management Group is committed to being the champion for all expressions of musical creativity.  Culture aims to fulfill an ideal. That ideal is always within the grasp of new art. Investment in 5/4 is belief in the unknown ideal that everyone recognizes when first confronted by something thrilling and new. Success is also communal and shared by everyone who believes an ideal world is possible.

Please help 5/4 by contributing to this special space where new music is created. Any contribution, be that keeping up with our artists or sending money, is welcomed with friendship. Contribute old equipment or furniture for the community spaces in the building. Even a coffee cup will gain our gratitude. All tax deductible to you. Please, use social media and Indiegogo share tools to spread the word. Thank you,

The 5/4 Group


Contact us anytime, We can’t wait to hear from you!