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Macon Music Volume 2 Call For Track Submissions

Macon Music CD - Volume II

By Joey Stuckey

I love Macon and the music that permeates our streets, bars and concert halls. I started working in Macon’s music scene at the age of 15 and still consider it a privilege to work in it today.

After a decade of trying, last year, I found a partner, with NewTown Macon, that understood that Macon’s music was just as great now as it was in the past.

Of course we should be proud of our amazing heritage, Little Richard, Otis Reading, the Allman Brothers and many more, but we need to also give attention to our present and future.

One of the ways NewTown and I decided to do that was to launch a contest called “Macon Music CD Volume 1”. Last year, middle Georgia artists and bands submitted their songs for consideration and we came up with eight truly remarkable artists and bands to represent our town.

It was such a great success that we are doing it again this year, and we want your submissions!

The submission process closes the first of May, so don’t delay. Remember, we don’t care what the recording quality is, as long as we can hear lyrics and melody, you will be considered. That being said, it is always best to send the best recordings you have available.

All styles of music are welcome, but we only can accept original music submissions.

For complete contest rules and to check out last year’s winners, just visit

You can email your MP3’s to:

[email protected]

You can submit up to 3 MP3’s. Make sure to clearly label each file with the artist and or band name, song title and make sure your contact info is easy to find.

Check out the videos featuring last year’s winners.

Thanks for making your music and keeping our great city of Macon an awesome center for music!