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Streetline Camp Drums & Dreams Percussion Showcase

StreetLine's Camp Drums & Dreams Percussion Showcase and Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser
Macon Terminal Station - July 28th @ 5:30

Come out for StreetLine's Camp Drums & Dreams Percussion Showcase and Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser at 5:30 PM on July 28th at Macon Terminal Station to see talented youth present a *drumazing* percussion concert like nothing you have experienced before.

As far as drumlines go in Macon, StreetLine is the first of its kind. They have no Full band, no Paid band director, no particular school, just the performers, just the heartbeat, the pulse, and the rhythm that keeps the band alive and the crowd moving. They are their own DrumLine. They are StreetLine, more formally known as Street Percussion. They are a group composed of different individuals who all share a few things in common.  They love music, they love drums, they love to perform. The StreetLine performers enjoy playing anywhere, from a small family party, to a halftime show at an arena, it's not just playing that's fun for them, its the gratification they get from seeing the crowds reaction.

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StreetLine has found a way to channel negative behavior through percussion. When you learn to control the rhythm of your beat, you control your actions and when you have control over your actions, you make better choices. When they are focusing on the drumbeat, they are not focusing on the negativity. Many wish to join our organization because they are in need of and actually seek alternative opportunities as opposed to the negative influences they are confronted with daily. Percussion provides mental stimulation thus allowing the youth to explore new avenues of living, learning and self expressions through music. Because StreetLine demonstrates their musical talents in varied communities, they maintain a vital role within the community. Traveling allows them to showcase their talents and provide the opportunity to enthusiastically embrace ideas. New instruments will not only support our mission but inspire the participants to dream and develop their minds into mature responsible young men and women.

Founded in 2009, Streetline is a nonprofit tax-deductible organization. They are a diverse group of positive, highly motivated young people who enjoy bringing clean fun family entertainment that will not only build character within the members, but also inspire others in the community as well. Presently, they have the only positive percussionist organization that provides educational assistance in Macon Georgia. StreetLine is geared towards cultivating and refining young people (14+) in the direction that’s beneficial to constructive lifestyles.