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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Macon Music Documentary

Corner Concert co-owner George Murray wants you to know that Macon is rich in music history. It is known for this, in fact. Everybody I've ever met associates our town with music history.

But that's just it...

Music is still happening here and in many ways it is growing, once again, into a lush environment for creatives just as it once was. The music scene here is transcending it’s recent stagnancy and becoming ALIVE AGAIN! We want to push it forward and assist in it’s evolution because we believe in Macon Music. We believe in all of you... out there pursuing your art.

This is a video about Corner Concerts and 5/4 Music Space. It is a cool mini documentary on the formation of 5/4. Corner Concerts and Macon Productions are really where the idea began. Check it out.



HUGE thanks to Ruriko Akasaka for all of her hard work on this documentary!

5/4 was formed with one goal in mind- to cultivate, support, grow, and give Macon artists a place to create