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Macon Pops: Songs of Summer

Macon Pops: Songs of Summer

The sun begins to recede behind the lake and all is quiet for a second before the music begins to take fill the air. People that were once grabbing their dinner are now all immersed into the music and feeling, including myself. We are at Middle Georgia State University on the Wellness Center Lawn. In front of the stage you can see the beautiful Middle Georgia State University lake gleaming with the last glimpses of the sun. The environment is filled with joy and the faint smell of cheap wine and heavy appetizers.

The “Summer of Love” is the theme for the night and it couldn’t be more appropriate. No one is alone tonight. Everyone is seated with friends, family and co-workers enjoying the scenery and the pure genius of the musicians as they translate musical notes into a beautiful harmony. There are small conversations that range from passing the Texas caviar to another round of a colleague’s famous lemonade. However, the main course is the music.

From a musical selection of the summer classics, the Macon Pops and special guests execute every song with precision and perfection. As the sky darkens, the music gets louder and the people get more comfortable. Taking the opportunity to dance, you see silhouettes of people young and old enjoying the Songs of the Summer. It reminds you of a scene out of a movie. The last song of the night is Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. You don’t see many people packing up, instead you see everyone dancing and reluctant to let the night end. People slowing pack as there unfortunately won’t be an encore tonight, but there will be more events to come.

Thank you for a great night Macon Pops!